Justice Duel Out Now… For The NES

In a press announcement straight out of the 1980s, Mega Cat Studios have revealed that their upmcing multiplayer duelling-extravaganza, Justice Duel, is out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In Justice Duel, players must compete ...
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Reviews and Previews

Elex – Review

Version Reviewed: Xbox One (Copy purchased by the reviewer) The planet Magalan has been sent into post-apocalyptic despair by a massive comet. Shards of the comet (called Elex) have spread to the entire planet: mutating ...
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Should Games Have an Easy Mode?

It was revealed recently that Ubisoft were adding a difficulty setting in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It’s the first time the series has allowed players to choose which difficulty to beat the game on. Around the ...
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Top 10 Picks of PSX 2016

As the third annual PlayStation Experience kicked off thousands of miles away in the sunny state of California, tens of thousands the world over tuned in online to witness the future of PlayStation. For an ...
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