LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Review – Blocky Wizards

I’ve stuck with the Harry Potter theme this week, because a) I’m a fan of the series and b) I’ve started a let’s play of this game with Robin so it HAD to be played constantly each day… *ahem*. Don’t worry though; this will be the last (and best) Harry Potter related game for a while because they get on my tits. Anyway, I should really try introducing the game so that I can start rambling about the building blocks (hahaha, you’ll get it in a second, I’m comical sometimes.) But this wonderful pile of bricks is LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for the babe that I call my PS3.

If you dare ask what the plot is then I will kill you, however, it’s an important part of every game so I’ll have to summarise the books/films for you:

Okay, here we go, Year One of the game: Baby Boy left on doorstep, Baby Boy has amusing scar, Baby Boy grows up with awful family. Ten years later, Boy finds he’s a wizard, Boy goes to wizard school, Boy is adventurous. Boy fights evil wizard for the first (technically second) time. He wins.

Year Two: Boy locked in room, Boy gets rescued by flying car, Boy takes flying car to wizard school. Evil wizard back as slightly older boy inside a book. Evil wizard boy makes nice witch open chamber, lots of spiders, good Boy fights big snake. The end.

Year Three: Evil man escapes from prison, evil man is Boy’s godfather, evil man tries to find Boy. Boy finds evil man is really good man and friends with dead dad, ‘evil’ man escapes on big bird from floaty bed sheets trying to take ‘evil’ man’s soul for being evil.

Year Four: Wizards school holds big competition, Boy is forced to take part in competition, Boy risks his life for four tasks. Boy meets main evil wizard again, Boy’s friend dies (and turns into sparkly fairy for other series), Boy fights evil wizard. He escapes.

Caught up? Good. While going through these main plot points, you blow everything up… what? It’s LEGO, that’s the main plot point really for those games.

In game, you get given spells as you progress through wizard school. These are used to break everything in sight, occasionally build things again and to torture and murder students and teachers as soon as you unlock an evil character. Yay, murder! It’s a LEGO game, it’s like every other LEGO game and pretty much like every time you pick up some of your own LEGO. You build some things and pretend you’re a much more awesome, much better looking Godzilla as you destroy it all again. All of these actions in game are as smooth as a lubricated snake on a lens grinder. Just don’t ask me why I lubricate snakes, it’s not a story I wish to tell…*

The graphics are typical of TT Games, sleek and up to date while having that timeless feel to them. You know, as well as looking like LEGO people and items. The colours are bright and cheerful which is exactly the contrast you need to dragons and wizards trying to kill you and eat your soul. In my opinion, they couldn’t be a more perfect mixture of Harry Potter and LEGO if they had replaced Daniel Radcliffe with a blocky rendering sometime around the third film… someone really should have suggested this, the films would have been oodles better (yeah, I said oodles and yeah, I dislike Danny-boy. Your point?).

The satisfying ‘clink’ of collected studs, the bubbling of the cauldrons and the ‘swoosh’ of spells are what bring Hogwarts to life throughout the whole of this game. The music that is played all sounds magical and as a lot is borrowed from the films, it all seems very familiar, even if you’ve just turned the game on. Being part of the LEGO series, there are no words but instead incomprehensible sounds that you interpret by the person’s actions. The one thing that really brings a smile to my face, however, are the jeers that are aimed at you by everyone dressed in green calling themselves ‘Slytherins’. Beautiful.

This has rapidly become one of my favourite games and I recommend that each and everyone one of you play at least 10 minutes before you die. Remember, if you collect everything throughout the game, you get to go on a rampage in a bright red Double-Decker bus through the middle of London as the great Lord Voldemort. Year = Made.

*honestly, I SWEAR I have never lubricated an actual snake in my life. I love animals and you have a sick mind.


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