Fifa 12, yay or nay?

Fifa 12. An interesting one this, as it claims to be different from its predecessors’. Well, I just so happen to have a copy of the game, hooray!

The first thing I shall go on about is the tackling. An important point in any football game aiming for stardom. The tackling is better or worse depending if you like your tackling complicated, or just simply enjoy (much like myself) flying round with slide tackles and usually getting your players sent off. Now you have to wait, you can still slide in with your slide tackles, but you’ll have to get it inch perfect to take the ball away. The standing tackles are also fairly fun; you have to run along side them, do a two button combo which then hands you the ball, and you charge forward, score and leave your opponent with a big frowny face.

Next for me to mercilessly pick on is the new player impact engine. The aim of it is to make the game play more realistic. But I’ve found that this doesn’t work that brilliantly. For example, I (playing as Nermandja Vidic of Manchester United) came flying in straight off the back of a 50 yard sprint and destroyed Fernando Torres in a ruthless side slide tackle which would have broken any mortal man’s legs and gotten the tackler  sent off, so what happens? He falls over, gets back up, then goes on to score from his run, while Vidic is rolling on the floor and had to be stretchered off. The engine isn’t brilliant. Or it was Karma’s fault. DAMN YOU KARMA!!!

On the whole though, its claim is fairly justifiable, as the passing is neater, more precise and quicker. The shooting is more accurate and more easily controlled. The game play is smoother and neater, but there isn’t very much new content to keep players appetite whet.

On the whole, a good game, a fair bit more different to the old games, and much smoother.

Time for a Nick’s rating. I give this game 9.2/10. Great graphics, good game play, nice physics, and it still runs virtual rings around Pro Evolution Soccer. So I would buy the game (Well, I have) So, from me, Happy gaming! 🙂


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