Angry Brids Review – It’ll Ruffle Your Feathers

Seeing as you’ll be bombarded with vlogs, updates and general craziness for the rest of this weekend, I decided to make my review bite-sized. Well, okay, I lie. Basically, I picked up Robin’s phone this week and played Angry Birds for the first time. I’m quite aware that I’m about a year late but it’s never too late to soar through the air with the wind in your feathers right? That’s what I thought.


So what do you do if someone takes your unborn child? Call the police? Ask for it back? Of course not. You kill the whole piggy race, that’s what. This physics puzzler has you catapulting furious feathered friends right through the air at the thieving pigs, who are for some reason, green. As you progress, you encounter tougher enemies wearing hard hats and other pieces of armour, as well as stones, wood and ice blocking your way. Also, TNT. Enjoy!


There’s something extremely satisfying about dragging your finger back in order to stretch and aim the catapult before letting go and watching your kamikaze birds smash into the poor, completely unsuspecting pigs. Or it would be if the aim wasn’t a bit shaky. The tiniest movement of your finger means that your death ball could fly straight over their heads as they grunt happily at your failure. However, once you get used to this fact, you’ll soon be laughing with glee as you watch the explosions. The same goes for the special birds, for whom you need to tap the screen in-flight to activate their boost/bomb/explosion. Don’t expect to fly through the game though, there are hundreds of levels and you’ll most likely play each one five times in order to complete it. Frustrating, yes, but nevertheless, it’s exceptionally addictive. You’ll barely notice the hours
whittle away into days.


To say this game was released on phones, the colours are very sharp while the graphics are smooth as a pig’s bottom. After being on a sanding belt. With moisturiser on. The extent of the graphics only further enhances your experience. And that’s coming from someone who’s grown unimpressed with the PS3’s visuals. Whoa!


In game, you hear the happy tweetings of birds in the background, completely contrasting the irritated war cries of your companions. Launch them into the sky though, and they’ll express their pleasure in happy ‘weeee!’s as the pigs death grunts bring a smile to your face. Once you complete a level, you hear all the birds cheer, even though they’ve just sacrificed themselves to get their revenge on the dirty farm animals. Ghost birds maybe? Either way, it all adds up to hours of fun.


The length of gameplay available and the fact that you get rated out of three stars means that you’ll probably never grow tired of this simplistic masterpiece. Whether you’re on the bus, at your family reunion or sat in front of your computer, the game is never more than a few clicks away. Definitely worth a purchase. Loosen up birds, as I award you with an incredible 9/10.


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