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As many people do, I’ve re-entered the world of online gaming this week. I say re-entered, I’ve basically wasted my time attempting to cream some newbs on Fifa 12, with varying degrees of success, ranging from making someone rage quit at half time because I was winning 6-1, or rage quitting myself because I was accusing this guy of being a hacker. What? you tell me how its possible to score from his corner flag into the top left hand corner of my goal without it bouncing, you tell me how its possible, HOW?

From the world of Xbox live to the world of online PC gaming, I have much more success. I play things ranging from Facebook games to games advertised on Facebook itself, and I must say the game I’ve enjoyed on the most is a certain FootballIdentity because it is a good game. Basically you have to make your own character who’s either a footballer, a manager or a journalist (for you journalistic types), and you have to join a team. The reason I like it so much is when you join an active team (like the one I am currently in) you also have a strong sense of community.
This is a fairly abrupt end I know, but happy lag-less gaming!

(Note: I didn’t put anything about World Of Warcraft because spending my life on a MMORPG and spending lots of my hard earned paper round money didn’t quite appeal to me)


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