An Interview With Phil – A Miner Discussion

Christmas is creeping closer and hopefully we’ve got you in the mood for some more chatting. Next up in my series of interviews with the website staff, we’ll be learning some cool stuff from everyone’s favourite computer nerd!

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do for CubedGamers?
Well that’s a difficult one on so many levels. Um, obviously I’m Phil, I’m 16, I’m the CubedGamers Let’s Player and technician!

How long have you been doing Let’s Plays for?
Officially I only started in August, but me and Robin did one in late 2009.

Do you have any funny stories about any of the website staff?
We were messing around at lunch and ended up tying Robin to a chair. A moment later our maths teacher walked in and there were some unfortunate implications. That said, it was probably one of the best lunchtimes I’ve had for a while!

Any achievements this year that you’re particularly proud of?
I’m going to say getting a C in English, but I’m not sure. Yeah, let’s say the C in English, although I got an A* in Maths.

What’s your favourite game of this year?
I haven’t got a particular favourite, but some I really enjoyed playing were Minecraft, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Anno 2070, Portal 2 and Terraria.

Have you learned your planets yet?
Yeah, though I never forgot them! I momentarily had a blank on one planet!

What’s the most elaborate project you’ve ever started in Minecraft?
Hmm, no clue. I suppose when me and Robin teamed up this summer to build an elaborate dungeon.

What’s your most frustrating gaming moment?
Oh, multiple times I get stuck on one small puzzle and can’t proceed. There was one in Portal 2 which involved gel and portals. It was hard.

Do you like your antlers and red nose?
Yes, they’re very fitting. It’s nice to see that I’m the leader of a team!

Do you have any tips for aspiring Let’s Players?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’ll grow on you. You’ll start off not being very confident but it’ll get better as you make more and more. Just be yourself and enjoy the game. Oh, and don’t speak in monotone

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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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