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Christmas is just one week away and to keep you occupied as you open the doors of your advent calendar, I bring you a new interview with yet another talented writer for the website and the newest member.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do on the website.
Hi, I’m Will, and I’m the news editor for the site, bringing weekly updates from the gaming industry.

Which Cubed Gamers article has been the most enjoyable so far?
I’d say I really took an interest in the news of the upcoming PlayStation Vita, as you can see I wrote a bit over the 800 words quota in my own article! Aside from that, my favourite article on the site has to be your coursework (Silent Hill 2), I was extremely impressed by the professional standard of presentation

Do you think gaming will progress a lot next year?
I think with the amount of consoles that are springing up at the moment, both static and handheld, that yes, gaming has an incredibly bright future, with seemingly endless possibilities around the corner. It seemed like only yesterday when the first DualShock packs were installed in PS2 controllers, and 1 childhood later I’m seeing HD screen touchpads, double cameras, 3D image control and motion-sensing controllers!

I’m going to assume that’s a yes then! You are starting to sound like an old man reminiscing though, yet trying to keep down with the kids. Anyway what would you like to see in 2012 in terms of gaming?
I would love to see the Kinect software improved; I think it has great potential for serious gamers in the future, and the outcome will be incredible revenue and probably a revolution against using thumbs.

I think it’s a great piece of hardware if you enjoy flailing around like a crazed animal, sure. But enough about Kinect, what’s your favourite game of this year and why?
My favourite game I have played this year has to be Dawn of War II, I’m a fan of the WH40K franchise, and this instalment really does the job I was expecting, even with a completely different gameplay style to Dawn of War I. However, the game I enjoyed the most that was released this year is probably Pokemon White. Although its storyline is feeble in comparison to Blue/Red and even Gold/Silver, the visuals are impressive, there are much more opportunities for side-stories and it’s not quite as cheesy as some of the previous titles. But, having said this, once I receive Space Marine on Christmas morning, I have full confidence that this will be my favourite of the year for both played and released, as I’m sad like that!

Where would you like to be in 10 years time, you know, besides being indecisive about your favourite game of THAT year too?
Well to put it out there, I’d like to see myself looking over a balcony in the Bahamas, in my penthouse on the 79th floor of the hotel I’ve just finished building. But, I doubt that will happen. Ever… My dream in terms of academics is to be accepted into university in the next year, study journalism and whup every other writer’s ass so that I’m employable to magazines and websites that focus on film, music, gaming, etc. obviously, I’ll still be writing for Cubed Gamers.

Phew, glad you’re not planning to forget about us then! So, what’s your favourite thing about joining Cubed Gamers?
The best thing about CG for me is the experience I’m getting writing to continuous deadlines, and being able to research into whatever the heck I feel (that’s relevant, of course). I’m glad to have met you and Robin when I did, as the experience and practice I’m getting looks HOT on my Personal Statement.

Well your articles look pretty warm on our website too, okay, bad pun. I’ll move right along. What’s your funniest gaming moment?
I’ve had some hilarious moments messing around on The Simpsons: Hit and Run [Sian: great game, a barrel full of fun!], but one of the funniest gaming memories I have is showing my friend how to save in No More Heroes (in which you have to go to the toilet for a dump) – he happened to have a mouthful of Coke [Note: Coca Cola, not drugs!] and proceeded to snort it out everywhere through his nose! Ew. I know.

Ew indeed. I’ve always wondered whether the big ears on your sprite representative of your own ears? They’re [the sprite’s, not yours] quite funny!
I certainly hope not! Apparently the sprite was drawn with limited access to a decent picture of me, but clearly the software wouldn’t be able to convey my devilishly good looks anyway…

Obviously, that’s my problem too! Do you have any tips for newcomers into journalism?
As far as reporting goes, my best advice is to just write stuff. It doesn’t matter who reads it, I’ve sent off countless articles to Kerrang! And the likes to no avail, but having a small portfolio looks good at interviews, and if you can look into your local community online, you may find, like I did, that there’s a forum of sorts. I was lucky to find Cubed Gamers, but my first attempts at online writing were on a local site called Corsham People. I know I’m waffling but my first article was completely random, I decided I wanted to know if there was a link between Slipknot wearing masks on stage and Marilyn Manson’s extraordinary looks!

Sian: I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I want to know what your findings were on that first article! This week we found out that the best ears on the website aren’t actually that amazing and the key to life is to ramble! Next week will be uploaded on Christmas day, so make sure you take a few minutes out from stuffing your face to catch up with out member from a land far away!


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