An Interview With Forosprout – Drawing an Impression

We’ve been through the writers and technicians in the lead up to Christmas so here’s another present from us; a free dive into the depths of our one and only artist! Who’s done some amazing things such as the staff with some famous guys that we interviewed. I suggest checking all her stuff out after reading this!

1.) Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do on the website.
I’m Florosprout, and I draw a few of the pictures for articles!

2.) I must say, I love when I see a new drawing! They’re incredible! Anyway, enough with the obsessing, how did you get involved with the project?
I come from the forums, and Robin made a topic on there for recruiting artists. It seemed really fun, so I signed up.

3.) Ah, shameless advertising on a ‘great’ website, that’s Robin for you. Does living so far away make it difficult to work together with all the staff members (Note to readers: Florosprout lives in Australia, you know, the surfing island with lots of spiders?)?
Not at all! the only problems are that I haven’t met all of you in person, and I get the emails telling me what to draw at funny times from the timezone differences,but that’s fine!

4.) Are you planning to visit everyone in ‘sunny’ England (if you had the money)?
Meeting you guys for real would be totally rad, but if that were to happen, it wouldn’t be for quite some time.

5.) ‘Rad’, I thought that was just a TV thing, I like it! Well, while you’re waiting for the money to pile up, tell us, what’s your favourite game of this year and why?
I can’t choose only one! But probably Skyward Sword, Portal 2 and the steam version of Psychonauts, If that counts.

Click for the animated version!
6.) I’m going to assume that your reasoning for these is because they’re cool? Or rad, whichever you prefer! So, which of your pieces of artwork is your favourite/most fun to make?
While all the drawings I’ve done for this site were fun to draw, the most fun would likely be the L.A Noire one. As for things outside of the site, This image of Seymour from FFX, My least favourite video game character of all time, would have to be the most… interesting thing i’ve made, to say the least.

7.) What can I say? Everyone loves drawing me! Ahem, moving on, would you find it strange to celebrate Christmas in the winter?
Christmas would be heaps more festive in winter, but it’s fine in summer! However, Christmas lights, trees , etc. seem kind of out of place when it’s so hot and sunny.

8.) I’m not racist, but if I were in Australia, I’d just decorate a palm tree. But I can see where you’re coming from, they’re really pretty on a snowy winter’s night. So in the history of ever, what’s your fondest gaming moment?
I was pretty young at the time, but they had a copy of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Gamecube at after school care in primary school, And there were these really big kids playing on the multiplayer, and they let me join in. Much to their surprise, I pretty much beat them. I would of, but they restarted the game just before I won. I still haven’t forgiven them.

9.) Big kids are so mean! Speaking of big kids, do you look a lot like your sprite or not at all? And are there any changes that you’d like to see? I know that your freckles aren’t portrayed for one.
I look heaps like my sprite!

10.) At least someone does! Do you have any tips for aspiring artists and do you plan to take your art on as a career or keep it as a hobby?
I’m probably not the best person to get art advice from, but criticism is really useful! It also really helps to study anatomy, even briefly. Also make sure to observe how things work in real life, or use photo reference. I probably would like to have a job centred around art, that’d be great!

Well good luck, I’m sure you will and I’ll make sure to brag that I know you when you’re rich and famous! There’s just me left to interview next week, you know, save the best until last! Now get off your computer and go open all your presents! Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from all the Cubed Gamers staff!


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