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Listen up. If you’re interested, it’s me, Robin, writing this instead of Sian. Why? Well it wouldn’t be very good if she interviewed herself now, would it? It’s also a reason why my article is late, but enough excuses. Let’s hear some bits of wisdom from Cubed Gamers’ chief reviewer and trivia expert, Sian!

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do for the website?
I’m Sian and I give you weekly reviews as well as the odd trivia piece. I also dress up as Where’s Wally for your enjoyment.
…actually forget that part!

That’s cool, I think your stuff is great! Could you explain how you became part of the team?
I got approached by Robin with this crazy out-there idea for a website and thought I may as well give it shot and so the Weekly Banter was born! Basically I became a team member because I’m dating the employer…

Hey, with that attitude you might not be for much longer! So what’s been your favourite game this year?
I’m sorry! It’s got to be Alice: Madness returns, it’s so creepy yet gorgeous at the same time. That and everyone enjoys controlling a crazy, orphan, cockney girl right?

I bet you’ve got plenty of experience knifing people in a creepy dream world, you crazy person you. While we’re on the topic of main characters, who are your biggest gaming heroes, both onscreen and off?
Nothing’s wrong with a bit of dream murder! You’ve asked me the hardest question in the world there, there’s so many people who have inspired me! Offscreen I obviously have to mention Nobuo Uematsu who hs created music I’ve enjoyed since I was about 5 as well as Hideo Kojima and American McGee who have made huge changes in the gaming world with their work. And the minds behind Freeman’s Mind as well as the great Helloween on YouTube. Freya from Final Fantasy IX too for being the best underrated female videogame character ever and making me sound like I need a life. Phew, I could go on but I’m getting peckish.

Ooh, interesting choices. So you like pretentious, long, wordy games with strong female protagonists and really quite excellent music? What’s the strangest game you’ve ever played?
Don’t forget a cynical old bastard and a bit of horror too. Probably Katamari Damacy, I still don’t understand how people came up with the idea of rolling up everyday items and people to create stars, whatever they were on, I want some! It’s certainly strange but definitely entertaining.

Naaa, na na na na na na na… Oh, sorry, I was distracted by that mind-blowingly awesome theme tune. Yes, Katamari is rather strange but curiously addictive. But going years back, what was the first gaming experience you can remember?
Can I just say, I’m never giving you my job again. I remember two and I don’t know which is first. Every Saturday morning I went into my brother’s bedroom while my parents were sleeping and watched him play games. When I was about 4 I remember him in Gizamaluke’s Grotto in Final Fantasy IX and we were amazed. I also remember being scared by the tigers and Butler in Tomb Raider II… he still scares me when I play and I have to lock him in the fridge before I do anything!

That would make sense if there was a murder in Tomb Raider because everyone knows the butler always does it! What’s been your favourite game to review?
There are many murders in Tomb Raider… Lara’s not going to politely ask people to move out her way is she? All Zombies Must Die was great to review because it was thrilling to be able to play before it was released! Other than that it’d have to be Silent Hill 2, I loved getting recognition from the Official PlayStation Magazine as well as my teacher’s response when I told him this. It’s a great feeling to have your work enjoyed by so many awesome people.

I have to admit, that Silent Hill review was pretty damn awesome! Would you like to take your reviewing career further in the future?
Thank you! I really would like to, it’s definitely a dream of mine but whether I achieve it or not, I’ll never leave the amazing guys here at Cubed Gamers. Keep your eyes peeled people, I’ll get my name somewhere someday!

If I wasn’t such a steely-hearted machine, I would have teared up just then. Excuse me while I wipe the oil from my fuselage. Before I get too emotional, what’s your favourite piece of gaming memorabilia?
You could cook me some sausages with that oil? I’m starving. Anyway, in an official sense, probably my limited edition computer sackboy model, because he’s cute and has a little plug trailing behind him. Ahem, in a non-girly sense though my favourite gaming pieces would have to be some incredible drawings of all the main FFIX characters that I got given as a special Christmas present. They’re going to stay in a posh folder for years to come now. I still can’t get over the detail in them!

I’m sure that little Sackboy will now be putting on his happy face as he bounds around the levels! Okay, one last quick question – do you have any advice to give for other aspiring reviewers?
Let’s hope so. Don’t be like me, I’ve attempted to give up at so many hurdles when writing and all my friends have pushed me onwards. So basically, get some great friends to prod you in the back, keep writing even when you have no faith and keep annoying people until they notice your work, like OPM. When you experience that feeling of being liked you’ll never want to stop! Persevere!

That’s excellent advice, to which I’d only expand by saying that you should make sure those prods in your back are hard! Makes you work faster, you see. I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant future as the newest game review superstar, so good luck!
This was the last Cubed Gamers staff interview of 2011, so it’s boldly onwards to the future with a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us here on the site. See you next time!

– Robin

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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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