Editorial: Five-Fold Frenzy!

My, a lot has happened in the last week hasn’t it? That was rhetorical. Anyway, since there’s so much to talk about, I’ll be doing this a little differently. Read on for my views on a variety of gaming topics!

SOPA/PIPA Defeated

Yeah, this is pretty cool. Especially given that it’s not only a singular victory – it proves that the internet community can pull together and be a powerful force in our own right. The unfortunate fact, however, is that we can’t quite rest yet. There exists another incredibly dumb and draconian treaty called ACTA – The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. Sound like another doomed-to-fail SOPA successor? Think again. This one is worldwide. And it just passed right through the European Union. If you’re understandably outraged, you can help stop it here.

Playstation Vita Flounders in Japan

Wow, will this get a lot of fans riled up. A quick look at VGChartz tells me that PSVita has sold 14,000 units in Japan this week. For perspective, that’s behind 3DS, PS3 and the original PSP. If there’s a glimmer of hope for Vita, it’s that it has at least sold better than the Wii (9,000), DS (2,000) and Xbox 360 (a pathetic 1,400). There’s also the fact that many people probably won’t be willing to shell out several thousand Yen on a new system just after the holidays. With the Western launch imminent, we’ll see if the might of Uncharted and, er, Katamari is enough to give it a boost. Worryingly, I’ve seen very little advertising for Vita in the UK, though the situation might be somewhat different in America. I suppose only time will tell!

Resident Evil Revelations

I wonder if Altair is in this one as an unlockable character? No? Well excuse me for thinking publishers should stop using the same subtitles for their games. It looks tacky, uninventive and if nothing else indicative that a game just won’t be very good. I’ve been playing the demo on my 3DS and it seems to me it really should have the Circle Pad Pro (or whatever they’re calling it) to be enjoyed properly. Half the emotion in the demo is frustration from trying to aim with one circle pad at point blank range and missing because apparently your character is drunk or something. It is set on a boat, but come on Capcom, the seas can’t be that choppy.

Nintendo Dominates Software Sales

No real surprises here with Zumba Fitness and Just Dance 3 showing solid sales, but 3DS seemed to have shot out of nowhere and begun dominating, taking first and third place in software with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. You’d think that after 31 years people would have gotten bored of Mario, but apparently they can’t get enough of playing the same few games over and over. That’s the public for you I guess. Baa. At least Paper Mario 4 looks promising – if it’s anything like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was I’d gladly swim through World -1 fifty times to get to it (there’s a prize for anyone who got that. It’s a big balloon that says ‘get a life!’).

The Last Story

The Last Story is a Wii game produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy (who we might be meeting next month), with music by the impossibly brilliant Nobuo Uematsu. Unlike Final Fantasy, it’s an action RPG, meaning you can’t make a cup of tea while waiting for your turn and there’s actual gameplay involved. I’d wholeheartedly support buying it, firstly to get some bloody use out of your Wii, but also because it looks great and we can have an opportunity to show people that JRPGs don’t always have to be a tragic tale of a misunderstood farm boy whose hometown is destroyed banding together with several tough guys and incredibly endowed women to collect several McGuffins, defeat the big bad and save the- Hey! Wake up! My other reason is as revenge against the United States for not giving us Animal Crossing until 2004. That’ll learn ’em. The Last Story is set for release on February 24th in Europe and February 23rd in Australia!

Well there we have it, I suppose. Next week’s editorial will be on just one topic, I promise! Oh, on another note, Cubed Gamers will be at the MCM Expo Midlands on February 18th. Keep an eye out for us, and don’t be afraid to come and say hi! Until next time,


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