Blast From The Past: Pokémon: Ruby Version!

Pokemon Ruby; loved by most, hated by few (Those with no taste, of course), is a lovely little game where you start off as a boy / girl with a red headband on their way to a little village, of course they have no clue of what marvellous adventure awaits them, with many exciting twists and turns.

Anyway, Pokemon Ruby; The graphics.

This was a game designed for the Game Boy Advance in 2003, and was a big hit in Japan thanks to Pokemon’s predecessors’. The graphics side of the game was somewhat of a marvel for a game in that time, and also for that console, as it was a relatively small thing for that time. The game graphics were a very slightly cartoon-ish style, but were fairly realistic. You could walk through deserts and rain and know exactly what it was.

Game play: This is a game with very easy controls. D-pad to move, a and b to select and go back . This is very easy to learn and grasp, and if you still struggle to use the controls then you can use the instruction booklet which no one ever reads. Ever. The storyline is very easy to follow, because you’re basically a kid who starts out on an adventure and gets gym badges and stops a team of baddies blah blah blah blah… Like I said, you pick it up fairly quickly, and you can’t get lost, although the storyline does get predictable.

Strategies can be made up at any time in the game, and with any of the little critters we call Pokemon, and can be put to use with devastating effects, although can be undone with some very simple moves, so Pokemon Ruby is a game for all levels of strategists alike.

What would I give the game? Well, as this is Cubed Gamers, I wouldn’t just give it any old 10 star rating, I’d have to take the amount of people currently in the team and then cube it ( 5 people in the team, mathematicians, do the maths) so my rating would be out of 125 stars ( did it for you 😉 ) so I would give this game a total of 123 / 125 because although the game was very very good for the time that it was in, I just don’t like the fact that there weren’t any real twists and turns in the plot for my liking, and it is just too predictable.

Thank you for reading through my long winded review, I promise you my next one will be MUCH shorter.

Thanks a lot and happy gaming

Nick 🙂 *kiss*

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  1. Yeyo 28 May, 2012 at 10:09 Reply

    “Pokemon Ruby; loved by most, hated by few (Those with no taste, of course)” Okay, I’m sorry, but what? I have no taste because I felt the game was way too fast compared to the other games? My opinion, I don’t find the game enjoyable at all. Does not mean I have no taste. Besides, like you said, everything was too predictable.

    • MrNameless 1 June, 2012 at 07:55 Reply

      Unfortunately Nick’s been in London for the past few days – I’ll have him get back to you on that 😉 for the record though, I actually feel like Ruby was the best of the Pokémon games (aside from Emerald and Colosseum)!

  2. Alex428 21 May, 2012 at 23:29 Reply

    haha think i had pokemon sapphire but then my gameboy SP thing broke and it wudnt charge up anymore…it was a fun game tho i guess 😛 i like how the legendary pokemon in sapphire was basically a flying whale or something lol ahhh pokemon was fun 😛

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