Debate – Are Rating Systems Necessary?

Along with the ever-present arguments surrounding the idea of rating systems for games, at the moment, all around the world, numerous rating systems are changing the way they work. As they’re creating both cheers and tears from the different sides, I decided to investigate whether or not censorship in the gaming world is really as useful as it plays itself up to be.

Overall, censorship for games is both a life-saver and an annoyance. Although it’s necessary to shield the younger audience’s eyes from the sorts of things we slowly become desensitised to, it’s also just seen as a party-pooper for the older kids. So argue on, as this seems to be an argument that just won’t end. While you do so, I’ll just hop on Amazon and buy myself some 18-rated games. Ooh, how naughty.

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Sian Bradley

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