Slender Review – Alone in the Dark!

This week’s review is somewhat different to normal. Apparently, the new freeware horror game Slender is best experienced without knowing anything about it beforehand. So that’s exactly what i did in my video Let’s Play/review. Enjoy!

As you can see, Slender isn’t easy, and the inability of the player to see the entity chasing them is where the scares come from. Essentially, Slender could be described as the perfect horror game – being trapped in an unfamiliar area, unable to do anything but run from an unknown and unseeable enemy. It plays on one of the most basic human fears – fear of the unknown – even down to the basic mechanics. Why you’re hunting pages is never shown if you play the game blind, and that makes it even more oppressive and strange.

A mechanic not shown in the video was the fact that running decreases your stamina – the amount of time you can run for afterwards. This means that even as you secure your own life by running away, you’re only making it harder to do so next time.

Having played through the game again, it’s worth noting that the graphics aren’t really that good. The lighting and shadows provided by the Unity engine are nice, but the 3D models themselves are rather low-polygon and the textures are occasionally a bit dodgy. It’s not terribly important, but it could have been a little nicer with some extra visual flair.

Overall, there’s very few areas where Slender can be faulted. What’s more, rather than simply ticking the right boxes, it attempts to do something we’ve not seen very much and does it brilliantly. If you like being scared out of your wits and not really knowing why, Slender is the game for you. 9/10.

Have you played Slender? Did it scare you? Discuss in the comments below!

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  1. Fraser (@Fraser_Whieldon) 3 August, 2012 at 22:45 Reply

    I think it was more scary because you said it was scary, rather than actually being scary. Really it looks like someone found a badly put-together level of Alan Wake, but as you said, that’s merely the cheap engine the game is running on. Ico, it ain’t!

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