Cubed Gamers – One Year On

In the glorious summer of ’11, two paperboys by the names of Robin and Phil had an idea. They (and their good friend Sian) should start a gaming website. They had the means – £40, an internet connection and a copy of Photoshop – and they had a love of the art form, gaming having been a big part of all their childhoods. But what should be the name? Well it was obvious – there were three of them, so the obvious choice was…

Er, Gamers Cubed. One already-taken YouTube username and flipped around wording later, Cubed Gamers was born. But what happened? Well, read on.

The original concept for Cubed Gamers was much different than it is today – for one thing, it was originally conceived as a video-based website. We didn’t settle into a pattern of Let’s Plays on YouTube and regular article updates for quite some time, much less settle on a definitive schedule. But one thing immediately became established, without anyone really saying so. Phil did Let’s Plays, Robin did editorials, and Sian did reviews.

Some time in September, we decided we needed to bring some class to proceedings. Robin headed to one of the finest repositories of artists in the entire world – a fan site for a little known RPG series called Mother. Yes, was the destination, and it led us to Australia, wherein resided Florosprout, our resident artist to this day.

That October was an eventful one. Firstly, we picked up a News Editor in the form of Will. Will is no longer with us (he’s not dead, by the way. I’m aware that sounded more morbid than it was. He just left the team to go to university), but his writing entertained a great deal of you, and he was a valuable asset to the website. Robin and Sian attended the London MCM Expo, representing Cubed Gamers, and learned that Robin is terrible at Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In November, we had our first big break when Robin interviewed Daniel Floyd – creator of seminal game discussion series Extra Credits – about his career, and gaming’s general trajectory. The article gathered a few hundred views (this at a time where we had not yet broken into three figures in a day) and, we thought, could be indicative of future stardom.

This was not to be, yet our popularity held steady and gradually improved. Throughout December, we had just 319 visits, yet we had not had a day with no visitors since the end of October, and it stayed that way.

With a new year came renewed interest in the website, and a cluster of articles I believe can be directly linked to the growth we’ve attained since. Sian had the brainwave of interviewing one Nick Clark, lead designer for ThatGameCompany, creators of the wonderful Fl0w, Flower and Journey. We’d made a contact in the industry, and all was good. We even got a free copy of Journey into the bargain!

We swapped roles early in summer, with Robin taking over the reviewing role and Sian moving into writing feature articles. Phil continues to plug away at his videos, and has gathered quite the crowd of friends, who he can be seen battling with a few times a week on YouTube.

That pretty much leads us up to now. In the last year we’ve seen, at time of writing, 15,626 pageviews. We’ve had over 6,700 video views on YouTube. We have a small, but dedicated fan base and for that we’re grateful. After one whole year of writing, I feel we’ve grown as people and as journalists, and we’ll continue to bring you the best content we can.

I’m so proud that the website I dreamed up has done better than I could ever have imagined. Sian, Phil, you guys are the best friends I could dream of. Florosprout, you are a wonderful artist and I hope it takes you far. And to all our readers, a massive thank you. You’ve helped make the year I’ve spent with Cubed Gamers one of the happiest of my life.


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Robin Wilde

Co-Editor of Cubed Gamers, meaning I send out, take in, edit and upload content. I'm also in charge of doing much of the graphics and design stuff for the site.

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