Trivia Corner – 10 Facts About Resident Evil 5

As the excitement builds and the days count down to the new Resident Evil game, we decide to take a look at the lesser known facts and mistakes in the (much less popular) older brother – Resident Evil 5.

1. Usually, you trundle blindly through the games, accepting that zombies have been around for quite a while and that you should be the one to change that. However, Resident Evil 5 is the first game that actually gives overt references to its predecessors, to the point that you’re given a whole history lesson when you complete your final mission. History? How boring. Just give us more zombies to slice and dice will you?

2. Jill Valentine’s make-over isn’t actually all that new. If you take a look at the character Fiona Belli from Capcom’s game Haunting Ground, you’ll notice that some things look a lot similar. And by some things, we really mean most. Perhaps Capcom workers just don’t get paid enough to come up with new, innovative ideas.

3. Speaking about not being innovative, the combat moves aren’t even new. When attacking stunned enemies, Albert Wesker can use ‘Tiger Uppercut’, which Street Fighter fans will no doubt recognise. Next to Segat, he looks so puny he doesn’t deserve this move, but it’s just so awesome.

4. It seems that this game is set around the same time as Dead Rising, during the release of Paula Hopkins’ new album ‘Mother’. Posters can be seen around the area during the start of Resident Evil 5 as well as throughout the mall of Dead Rising. Obviously she’s not sold too many copies; zombies just don’t appreciate good music.

5. In the DLC Lost in Nightmare, if you try to leave the mansion via the front doors, the camera angles switch to the ones used in the older titles – you have absolutely no control over them, instead they decide when to change and where to look. Not only will this give you a slight disadvantage over the flesh-hungry beings, but you’ll also realise just how stupid you are. Everyone knows the front door is the most dangerous one. It’s just so welcoming.

6. The large monster that you meet in this DLC bears a heavy resemblance to Steve Burnside, when he’s not looking his best in CODE: Veronica. On top of this, his combat style is similar to that of an Executioner Majini. Perhaps they had a child together? An evil, terrifying, slightly dead child. You know what? Scrap that image; don’t even think about that night of conception. Urgh.

7. Remember how we said that Capcom wasn’t all that innovative? Well if you travel to the prison area of Lost in Nightmare, you may notice that it looks quite familiar. Maybe similar to a certain prison on an island in Resident Evil 4? Yeah, way to create whole new areas Capcom. Wait, no, I didn’t mean it, don’t send more zombies after margrhhhh.

8. In the storage facility, right after you kill your first set of flying parasites, take a look at the tunnel behind the locked door and note which way the water is flowing. Rather than accepting the laws of gravity, this water is instead travelling up the slope. Perhaps it’s just magical water, affected by a different virus that gives it little watery legs. Or maybe it’s just an error on Capcom’s part. Who knows?

9. We all know that African people are stereotypically speedy, but Resident Evil 5 confirms this. The soldier at the beginning of the game has his AK-47 to hand. Fair enough right? You’ve got to protect yourself. But around one second later, it’s comfortably sat on his back. Let this be a lesson to you – don’t ever get into a war with Africans, they’re all really just ninjas.

10. It’s nice to see a game featuring such a gentleman. At one point, when you have to break down a door to find some more dead people (shock!) both Sheva and Chris will put all their strength into doing so. However, when the cutscene shows exactly the same thing happening, Sheva is standing behind Chris, probably cheering him on. Maybe it was just too much work for her – the poor woman.


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