The 10 Coolest Female Protagonists in Videogames

Just a few years ago, videogames were overpopulated with male protagonists, setting out to save the damsels in distress. However, times are changing and developers are deciding to feature female stars more and more. To celebrate, we decide to look at the 10 best female protagonists so far. In no particular order:

Ameterasu – Okami

Not only are wolves some of the coolest animals there are, this one is particularly awesome. Letting nothing faze her, she ploughs on, facing forces beyond a mortal’s imagination and managing to display a strong character without the use of any words. Let’s face it, if you were in her position, you’d be far too busy chasing your tail.


Chell – Portal

After what seems like a lifetime of following orders from a hate-filled computer, this protagonist finally begins to show her personality. And boy is it cool. Despite being (quite possibly) her only means of survival (as well as her ultimate death), Chell takes a stand against the despicable GLaDOS, without care for the consequences. Whether that’s stupidity or immeasurable greatness, it’s earned her a place on the list.


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Rather than doing stereotypical female acts around the house, such as cleaning and cooking (getting nice and misogynistic right now.), this busty badass decides to leave all of that to her butler and instead, breaks into tombs and sacred areas in order to look for objects. Why? Because they’re shiny and would look perfect in her collectibles room. Paired with classic British sarcasm and it’s easy to see why she made this list.


Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

Instead of conforming to a controlling government, this person decides to instead take to the rooves and do what she wants instead. Whilst trying to take the law into her own hands and following an extremely windy trail, Faith decides to beat up some riot police, often without a weapon. Now that takes some strength. Bravery too – I’d much rather stay cooped up at home.


Claire Redfield – Resident Evil 2

Sure, looking for a lost brother doesn’t give Claire a place on this list alone, in fact it makes her quite stereotypical in terms of gaming women – looking for someone else who can protect her. However, the fact that she’s just an average girl and, instead of giving up the search when she finds hundreds of zombies, decides to plough through them instead. She does all this without any training too, just sheer survival instinct. Brilliant.


Bayonetta – Bayonetta

First of all, this woman doesn’t even need any clothes to go on her way. And what constitutes clothes is also used as a great weapon. Girls – who doesn’t dream of having hair that strong? As well as homemade weapons, Bayonetta carries a wide variety of enemy-crushing gizmos strapped to almost every part of her body. Sexy and strong rolled up in one; this is one female that appeals to everyone. Her motto is most definitely ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ and she flaunts it all.


Miku Hinasaki – Fatal Frame

Yet another girl to go looking for her lost brother and yet another one to show just how much of a badass she is. Put your hand up if you would willingly walk around looking through a camera lens and waiting until the very last second to take a snap of terrifying ghosts. Oh, no-one? That’s what I thought. Who knew sibling love could be so strong.


Samus Aran – Metroid

One of the original females to look up to within videogaming, Samus never fails to show sheer strength as she blasts her way through hundreds of aliens. Unlike many others on this list, her appearance doesn’t play a part in it either as her feminine figure is often covered by a huge metal suit. Not that she relies on that at all – she’s just as capable without it.


Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

Siblings seem to be a running theme in this list as Lightning sets off on her mission to help her sister (as well as sticking two fingers up to the people in charge). Unlike the Final Fantasy characters to come before her, she isn’t helpless and doesn’t have to rely on magic to get by; instead she appears cold and determined to finish her mission, yet still a pretty face. On top of that, her swords are incredibly impressive.


Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Many know this female as the original fighting game girl and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. Setting out on a revenge mission, Chun-Li doesn’t give up until she’s defeated the bad guy and then what does she decide to do? Show off about it? Nope, she decides to go back to her normal life. Whether she’s fighting for herself or to protect others, Chun-Li gives it 100%. And still manages to look respectable after doing so.

Not quite who you’d choose? Agree with us completely? Let us know, whether it’s words of agreement or a challenge to the list – we won’t bite (we’re far too wussy to do that!)


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