FIFA 13 Review: OLAY, OLAY OLAY O Balls.

FIFA 13, EA’S brand new attempt at recreating the beautiful game. Released earlier this year, FIFA hosts a variety of new features, such as skill games, EA match days, pro clubs seasons and more!

Well to begin with, it’s everyone’s favorite  bitching point: The graphics. However, although most people say that graphics are very important to a game, I’m sure my colleagues will back me up here: graphics don’t make a game [Ed: Yes, we do concur].  Anyway, the graphics are not exactly revolutionary, and some people will argue that they’re actually worse than last year’s attempt at getting it to be as real as possible – the argument that they’re slightly more cartoonish. 

However, as much as I agree with that last point, I hold the opinion that the graphics are by no means a deterrent to playing the game, but rather the opposite; I think that it improves the gameplay, since the old graphics used to give FIFA 12 an air of unbelievability,  especially when the camera zoomed in on a throw-in on a foul or possibly after a goal. However these new graphics make the game look more – well, game like. The gameplay itself is a joy – there is ordinarily no jerkiness, no lag, no random uncontrollable movements. However when I say this I know there are millions of people who have experienced this – there are random moments in loading screens or in the middle of a match when the game just freezes, leaving you fuming about how it just cost you the premier league or a world record with amount of passes completed in a game (if you’re sad enough to go for said record) or maybe you’re just dominating online and it stops your brilliant form; either way these unpredictable freezes are probably the bane of FIFA 13, because they can quite easily result in a very angry player and a very broken controller.

Online. Now this is a tricky one. You see, depending on which game mode you decide to go on, you can expect massive periods of waiting times and loading screens, and on others you can be straight into a game and playing without a hitch. The game mode that will always produce lag is – in all fairness – probably the most used game mode, which is the Ultimate team. Ultimate team is basically where you can use coins or points (Microsoft or whatever currency you people use over on PSN) to buy packs which contain players, contracts, stadiums, managers, formation modifiers, etc. EA’s ultimate team servers can be prone to crashing, which means if you’re in mid-purchase and they crash on you, then thats money or coins down the drain, which you can’t get back. If you want to get into an online tournament then you can expect a wait which can usually be upwards of 3 or 4 minutes; also if you buy a player from the auction house then it is possible that you could be waiting 10 – 24 hours for you to actually be able to access that player. However, online seasons, pro clubs seasons and things like that all have great connection and server strength – you’d be extremely unlucky if the servers ever disconnected you mid-match.

Quite possibly one of my favorite new features is the skill games section. Here you can play a variety of new challenges which, once mastered, can have a massive positive effect on your FIFA skill. It teaches you the basics of the game while also making sure you still have lots of fun, unlike a few games where    the tutorials can leave a player bored and tired with the game before they get started.

So, all in all, even though the fellow Cubed Gamers disapprove of my owning of FIFA 13 after owning a multitude of it’s predecessors, I think that their preconception that it’s always the same game in a different suit is actually far from being correct – FIFA and EA have improved the ever evolving game with new mechanics and different ways for players to pull up injured, alongside the new AIs in both attacking and defending. The game has impressed me no end, however due to the catastrophic Ultimate team servers I can’t rate the game as highly as I would have like, so EA, all I can really give the game is a 7/10, because of the best example of how NOTto build your online services.

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