The Top Ten Promising Games of 2013

With the new year just around the corner, I take a look at the games of 2013 which are showing the most potential.

10. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper Screenshot

It’s been years since we’ve been graced with a brand new Sly story and I miss him. Lots of people miss him. He’s the coolest raccoon to appear in a videogame (okay, so he’s one of the only ones, but that’s not the point) and throwing HD remakes into the waters to keep all the fans from sinking into the murky sea just won’t cut it anymore. Thieves in Time is the huge rescue boat in which you will probably lose all your money and valuables, but you’ll enjoy it at the same time. The new gameplay features look promising – particularly the use of the Vita as x-ray goggles. February couldn’t scurry along fast enough.


9. SimCity

The game of everyone’s childhood is finally making another appearance. One that doesn’t require you to beg your friends for money and gifts, if you even have friends left after playing a few days of the Facebook instalment. SimCity in recent years just hasn’t had the same effect as it used to years ago, but the introduction of real multiplayer (because seriously, who remembers the 2000 Network Edition?) and non-linear roads make this look promising. Not only that, but your resources are now able to run out; adding a challenge to the game for what might possibly be the first time. So mayors, get your plans at the ready because early next year you’ll be back in business!


8. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Whether you spent the last game running the creatures around in circles to the Benny Hill theme or hidden in a cupboard, trying not to soil yourself, Amnesia was a massive hit and allowed the company to make its mark within the horror genre. Frictional Games never seem to disappoint and no less is expected from their fifth game, with its much more experienced and cunning AI threatening to make players sleep with the light on for months after the release. The developers have made significant changes to the gameplay too, meaning that this sequel will feel like a brand new experience, just with all the best bits of its older brother. Try not to get too excited though, the monsters will be sure to hear you.


7. Metro: Last Light

When asking around, it seems as though most people have no clue that this is part of a series which is a shame as the prequel displayed some extremely innovative ideas. The main issue with the previous game was the release of Fallout 3 around the same time – which it was inevitably compared to, purely because both were set in a post-apocalyptic mess of a world when in reality, they were very different branches of the genre. The game aimed to immerse the audience completely with no HUD and next to no real weapons. Last Light will carry on this style and if it manages to add more scares and tense moments than its predecessor then we’re in for a treat. A dead, animalistic treat. Wait, what do you mean The Last of Us? They’re not similar are th- oh.


6. Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream are the go-to guys when it comes to telling a deep, immersive story to audience members, complete with interactive sequences to get you even more involved and Beyond looks to be going the same way. What could be better than controlling a girl from childhood, through her moaning, hormonal teenage years into adulthood along with her ghost-friend. Complete with mood swings and cravings, it’s the game that promises to teach males how to understand a girl’s mind at long last. Well actually, it teaches you what comes after death, but both are about as likely as each other.


5. Bioshock Infinite

Fans have been teased with this game for years with rumours that it was cancelled, followed by trailers coming out of the blue. Well we’ll finally be allowed to wrap our trembling hands around all its glory next February and I couldn’t be more excited. Set in a floating city, you travel around with Elizabeth – the girl everyone wants to get their hands on so that she can discover who she really is. Really? I was just supposed to kidnap her, not take her on a spiritual journey. Each screenshot and video we’re presented with of this game looks gorgeous and if you’re able to throw people off the city’s edge, the gameplay could be ridiculously fun too. I’m kidding, it looks exciting without the option to throw people to their doom, but it’s a step-up is it not?


4. Dark

With the Twilight franchise finally out of the way, people are being given the option to see what being a vampire is really like and no game where you’re able to suck people’s blood and hold supernatural powers has ever been boring. The city becomes your playground as you hunt down your prey and tuck into a midnight snack. Just remember that you’re not alone and much like animals fighting over scraps, you could just as easily become the prey. If you’re skilled enough, you can even call over a group of bats and be escorted on their backs. Okay, so that one’s a lie. You can definitely sink your teeth into people though.


3. Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar are finally ditching the tough, street people for more realistic characters – namely a rich guy, a trailer dweller and the repo-man. Sure, the sorts of people you meet every day right? Either way, you follow these men through their individual stories (which are actually more connected than you think), no doubt filled with the uncaring massacres and driving stunts that everyone loved from the other games in the series. What’s more, the game boasts a map bigger than ever before, which means even more street corners for you to see how long you last with the entire police force coming at you. In my case, that’s not very long.


2. Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics are like Marmite to the fans of Lara Croft – some loved the slightly altered continuation of the franchise whilst others fetched out their pitchforks and angry signs. So instead of carrying on with the storyline, which honestly had hit a sudden and abrupt end (unlike Core’s stories which just kept on going), they decided to go back to the nitty gritty roots of our adventurous babe. As long as the story of Lara’s younger years has already been explained, the new game sounds fascinating; we’re able to watch Croft grow from being a typical teenager into the strong woman we all know today. Sure, the action genre is always going to be the best choice for our feminine, but it’s great to finally be offered a new view of her life – a more realistic one at that. Though when has Tomb Raider ever been realistic?


1. The Last of Us

What may possibly be the most promising game of 2013, The Last of Us is yet another post-apocalyptic survival game. What sets this out from the rest on the list is the truly innovative features, such as leaving your predators quivering on the floor by pointing an unloaded gun at them… provided you don’t try and shoot it – they’re scared, not stupid. Although it is a game about the world in ruins, it sure looks pretty, immediately giving off a false sense of hope. I believe that if the game is as good as it advertises itself, it’ll allow the player to explore themselves and find out what sort of person they really are. That and you can cause destruction in a world that’s just trying to survive. You heartless fool you.

What about the games that almost made the list? Don’t get me wrong, there aren’t just 10 good games announced for next year, beauties such as Luigi’s Mansion 2, The Cave and Ni No Kuni look like interesting ideas you should consider digging into your wallet for.

How about you? Which games are you looking forward to next year? Share your ideas with us in the comments; we won’t throw you over the edge of the city for it. Promise!


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