10 Games To Keep You Warm This Winter

We know it’s the coldest, darkest, most depressing time of year, so here’s some games to reintroduce some warmth into your life.

Little Inferno


What could be warmer than a whole game set in front of a roaring fire? Just keep throwing your junk items in and relax. Ahh, bliss.




Any child armed with fireballs is bound to create a toasty home this winter. Not to mention that your father is the devil. Together that fire will never go out. Maybe that’s not such a good thing…


Dante’s Inferno


Taking Lucius that one step further, this one is actually set in the realms of hell. No wonder he never wears a shirt, he must be sweating like a pig.


Super Mario Sunshine


Stepping away from hell and deadly fires, this game focuses much more on the summery side of things. There’s no doubt that this is everyone’s favourite holiday island. Unless you actually like the cold.




Ignoring the massive mountain you eventually climb, this whole game screams heat, and in that get-up, it doesn’t even look uncomfortable. Though the lack of water puts us off slightly.


Far Cry 2


Africa – the place to go if you want sunshine pouring down on your back all day. Oh, and don’t forget the numerous fires spreading through all that dry, crispy grass. I’m slowing beginning to think that winter is enjoyable. What’s wrong with me?


Wii Sports Resort


I wouldn’t mind doing sports all day if I lived on this island. It looks like the perfect place to lounge around on the beach all day, watching the world go by. And by that I definitely mean exercising all day. Kind of.


Dragon, Fly


So you’re a bit too young to breathe fire yet, or even fly, but at least you decided to run away from home on such a nice, peaceful day. This game allows you to forget all the awful parts of winter as you drift away with your new dragon friend.


Lost in Blue


If you ignore the fight for survival, this is definitely a game that will make you dream of the summer months where you can explore your own tropical, tranquil island. Look, even that ocean looks inviting.


Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball


Did you seriously think this  wouldn’t make an appearance? Nothing completes summer more than a few attractive girls wandering around the holiday resort. Unless you don’t like women. In which case, at least it looks sunny!


Not a fan of the sun? Would you rather enjoy the winter months while you can? Then look forward to next week’s article of games to chill you out this season.

What other games bring summer back into the cold winter days? Let us know below.




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