10 Cool Games For This Winter

Love the winter? Want to make it last even longer this year? Why not check out these frosty games. Just remember to wrap up warm before visiting these worlds!

Company of Heroes 2


As well as fighting in massive battles during the second world war, you also have to keep your crew warm and cosy. Penguin huddle anyone?


Metro 2033


Having to survive in a post-apocalyptic  world is bad enough, especially when everything goes bump in the night, but try doing it with icicles hanging from your nose. I’m suddenly thankful for my nice warm bed.


Dead Space 3


Any exploration on a frozen planet must be uncomfortable, but Tau Volantis decides to throw some angry, bloodthirsty creatures in too. Even worse is the lack of clothing they wear, not even a pair of bedsocks. Though that would probably rid the horror elements somewhat.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


The original game never managed to pull the whole “cold nightmare” feel very well, but the remake succeeds in chilling us to the bone. Oh, and it’s snowy and cold too.




As nice as a job that requires travelling is, we think we’d give this one a miss. Unless there’s an unlimited supply of hot chocolate available, paid for by the lovely law firm. No? Of course not, you’re lawyers.




There are no words to describe this game except “what?”. But this is a special game of utter confusion – everything is so wintery. We would have liked to see Lucas take a break and build a snowman in the street though.


Tomb Raider 2


It’s not a real Croft-filled adventure unless you trudge your way through miles of snowy land. Or just hop on a snowmobile instead. Lara hasn’t learnt the meaning of “wrapping up” though. Put your legs away dear.


Super Mario Galaxy 2


Not only is space freezing cold, but Mario also visits a good handful of winter locations. Or, if you’re us, spends all day sliding around on his stomach. What? He needs fun too.




Of course, the obvious choice. Can you think of anything better to do when faced with mountains covered in pristine snow? Actually I can: go home.




For such a young person, you have to deal with a lot of goings on. Maybe they’d be a little less mind-boggling if there was a bit more sunshine involved. Or, you know, lots more snow. Is this even the real world?


Feeling cold yet? Or do you have more frosty games to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below! Now where’s my hot water bottle..?


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