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There’s no doubt about it, everyone loves a good zombie story. Whether it’s a game, comic or film, we just can’t seem to get enough. Well, to feed your craving, we’ve taken the liberty of starting a brand new let’s play of Left 4 Dead 2, Just 4 U.

It will be one filled with complicated tactics, great stealth and extraordinary teamwork. Oh, who am I kidding, we’re basically sprinting forward as fast as we can, gunning down hordes of zombies with semi-automatic weapons. Since when were we ever tactical?

Expect lots of bad language, laughs and death as you join us on one of the most realistic zombie imaginings available. Just don’t give up on us too soon.


Each episode will be uploaded on a Monday evening and will feature the lovely chatter from Sian and Robin with occasional visits from the fantastic Phil. Oh hey, alliteration, aren’t I smart?


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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.

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