Now Playing: The Walking Dead – Chapter 1

It seems that we here at Cubed Gamers can’t get enough of those disease-ridden undead, so we may as well feed our addiction with another brand new video series. This week sees the start of a walkthrough of Sian’s favourite game of 2012 – The Walking Dead, and just in time for the new episodes of the equally brilliant TV series.

Please note that this won’t be a quick-paced walkthrough showing you how to get through one main task after the other, but rather a storytelling experience – after all no-one really rushes their way through a zombie apocalypse do they? As this game differs for everyone, depending on their actions, I advise you to play the game by yourself before watching any walkthrough. Please?

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Sian Bradley

Sian is a co-founder of Cubed Gamers, having been around since 2011. When she isn't helping to manage the site, she's exploring every nook and cranny in games to create guides you didn't know you needed.


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  1. Uthly 14 February, 2013 at 16:03 Reply

    I’d say it’s more of a “Let’s-Play” than a Walkthrough if you’re playing it less to show how it’s done and more for the experience 😉 And man, I loved watching others play these games – They seem like an awsome experience

    • ItsSian 14 February, 2013 at 16:10 Reply

      I always think of a Let’s Play as having commentary, though I guess it probably is a better description of it, thanks! It’s great, I’ve never had a game make me so emotionally involved before.

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