PS4: The Games So Far

The recent Sony conference has left us excited for the PlayStation 4 coming out later this year, but it wasn’t just the console we heard about last week. Today we’ll be looking at all the games that have been announced so far for the next-gen machine.

The Witness (Jonathan Blow)


Sure, it was available to play three years ago, but you know it’s worth the wait when the developers says the current consoles aren’t good enough to host the game. Coming from the mind behind Braid, we can expect a puzzler that no-one really fully understands. You’re required to complete multiple mazes on an abandoned island in order to unlock more puzzles and eventually complete the story. What that story is, we have absolutely no clue, though what we do know is that the mazes are important in the narrative, as well as audio clips. It all sounds delightfully strange.

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