News In Review: 26/02/13


Nintendo have announced that their latest console (and the one least likely to make a big impact), the Wii Mini, will be launching in the United Kingdom on March 22nd. The system was first shown at the end of November but was previously thought to be a Canada-only console. The Wii Mini sells in Canada for the very low price of $99 (£65) and might make an appropriate first console for those with young children or low household incomes.

Unfortunately for hardware fans, it seems that the console will not support Wi-Fi, nor will it play Gamecube games or output graphics through component cables at 480p display mode. The Wii Mini is likely not to sell more than a few tens of thousands of units since the Wii U is now available and the Wii is well established, but for those who haven’t had the chance to pick up a Wii yet or who like to collect consoles, this could be a worthwhile development.


Speaking with The Guardian, Sony’s head of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has said that the company would like to roll out what the paper calls a ‘Spotify for games’ – a subscription service that would allow streaming access to thousands of titles. Such an idea was tried previously with OnLive, but never really took off. However, using Sony’s marketing and infrastructure capabilities and their recently-acquired Gaikai streaming service, remote streaming play could be closer than we may think.

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