News In Review: 05/03/13


The first installment in Kickstarted video series Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games is set to be released this week. The videos, by Anita Sarkeesian, originally needed $6,000 for their creation but crushed their goal by collecting just over $158,000. The topic of women’s representation in gaming has become a hot topic in recent years and although around half of gamers are female, many feel they are struggling to gain much representation in the industry.

Research published last year by Emily Matthew reveals quite a startling picture. 35.2% of participants said they had been the subject of “sex-based taunting, harassment, or threats while playing video games online”, a damning statistic by any metric and especially bad considering that for female respondents only, that figure rose to over 63%.

Whether Tropes Vs. Women is successful or not, it’s important that the issue in being discussed, and we wish Ms. Sarkeesian all the best in her attempts to bring the state of the industry’s approach to women to light.


Dead Space is rumoured to not receive a fourth installment after Dead Space 3 failed to receive a particularly inspired response from critics and players. The game, released in February, received generally positive reviews but received criticism both for its perceived lack of any real scares and for its lack of changes to the series’ basic formula. EA has denied the rumour, telling Joystiq the news is ‘patently false’, which may give hope to the large number of fans of this particular horror franchise.

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