PETA Vs. Videogames – Part 2

We carry on our look into PETA’s videogaming world with part two of extremely immature games that you should definitely avoid.

Battlefield 3


For the majority of gamers around the world, Battlefield 3 was a fantastic addition to their console, but PETA saw a much darker side of the first person shooter. And no, we don’t mean the war. Their concern was the short scene in which a rat gets stabbed and thrown away – nothing very significant to the rest of the game, but for this animal rights group, it was enough. Now what’s really the worst part of this game, the one rat who gets killed or the hundreds of people who get murdered as you quietly cackle to yourself for a job well done? But the rat could have a family, an education or his own little job that now suffers from losing such a strong worker. The little rat economy will fall! Oh please won’t someone revive him? No, seriously, don’t stab rats. You’ll upset someone.


World of Warcraft


Sometimes the real world just isn’t big enough to make your voice heard. That’s why, in April 2009, PETA took to the virtual World of Warcraft to wage war against the big mean men who slaughter baby seals. Don’t get me wrong, baby seals are bloody adorable and if this was the real world, I’d probably spread the word, but not once have I seen someone mimic their character in order to kill some baby animals – not least because they’d look a tiny bit silly. Now something tells me that this battle didn’t turn out the way PETA was expecting. No doubt it would have been entertaining to watch though; I can’t imagine them being very experienced in World of Warcraft. Though I can’t laugh too much, I have no knowledge on the game. I’m ashamed of myself…


Bassmaster 2004


Fishing used to be a popular pastime, especially when you were younger and accompanying your dad. It’s relaxing; you get fresh air and a nice, cheap meal at the end of the day. Fair enough, some people disagree with this hobby, but none go as extreme about it than our favourite animal group. They argue that fishing games make fishing seem fun (oh no, how dare they make a fun game?!) and that Bassmaster influences children to go out with a real line and catch real fish. They suggest instead that children play videogames in which they kill humans – because it’s much less shocking than a hook in a fish’s mouth. But PETA go on to reassure us that they don’t advocate the killing of humans. Just virtual ones. So parents, rather than letting your children go an relax next to a river all day getting some fresh air and possibly building important skills, why not shut them up in a dark room with Manhunt?


Mafia Wars


Finally – a battle that PETA have successfully fought. Zynga’s Mafia Wars added the ability to use numerous animals in your fights, such as pit bulls – the most abused breed of dog. Now, despite not understanding the virtual lives these dogs lead when you’re not playing (who knows, they may be taken to the spa or darting around their house with a brand new toy), PETA complained that the introduction of pit bulls was “reckless and wrong”. Zynga listened to the complaints they received though and removed the dogs’ appearance in fights. In order to say thank you, they were sent a box of vegan chocolates. Well if they’d said there was chocolate involved earlier…


On the other hand:

Fable 2 – Most Animal Friendly Videogame of 2008


You read it right – Fable 2 won a Proggy award for being a “vegetarian’s dream come true”, but why? Do they not remember the ability to shoot bunnies and the achievement you receive for kicking a chicken? Well, according to PETA, the game is great because “characters powered by tofu are just as powerful as their meat-eating counterparts—and are more fit and attractive to boot”, so it teaches gamers the benefits of vegetarianism. Oh, and the chicken achievement? They argue that it’s “done in a light-hearted manner. I don’t think anyone’s going to go out and start kicking chickens in their yard because of this game”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t someone much more likely to go out and boot a chicken across a garden than grab a boat and go whaling, or even seal killing? Oh whatever, I give up trying to understand this group.

Needless to say, PETA are extremely clever when it comes to marketing and drawing attention to themselves, whilst entertaining gamers worldwide, especially when articles appear years after their protests. Ahem. I for one hope they make more spoof games. They could make it big in the developing world!
– Sian

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