News In Review: 25/04/13


Nintendo are, for the first time, not going to present a major stage show at E3 2013. Instead, large releases will be confined to their Nintendo Direct broadcasts, while a smaller E3 presence of booths will still go ahead. The move comes as Microsoft prepare to unveil their latest console and Sony aim to build on their earlier teases about the PlayStation 4. The decision by Nintendo seems to be intended to avoid being swallowed up amidst two new console launches, and is actually pretty clever – they’ve certainly made news by not appearing and by having their own broadcasts secure their audience and own time slot.


As mentioned above, Microsoft are making ready to reveal their latest Xbox machine on May 21st. On that date, we’ll be able to see whether or not the rumoured always-on internet requirement and Windows 8 compatibility are true. If so, Microsoft may well be in trouble – always-on connections are very unpopular even amongst those gamers who can maintain them, not least because once the console is discontinued it becomes useless, and Windows 8 has proved very unsuited for gaming purposes. We will also find out details relating to pricing and release date, so may be able to glean some sort of impression of how the next generation will play out.

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