News In Review: 02/05/13


This year’s Call of Duty game is set to be neither a Black Ops title nor a Modern Warfare instalment, but rather an entirely new sub-series entitled Ghosts. Announced this week, Call of Duty Ghosts will be released this winter for all major platforms except the Wii U, and will apparently feature “a new story, new characters, and be powered by an all-new “next-generation” engine”. The promise of an upgrade from the aging IW4 engine will be welcome, but it remains to be seen whether the game will be able to sustain the series’ popularity in the face of the upcoming Battlefield 4.


A hacking group behind the popular Wiikey modchip claims to have broken the piracy protection on the Wii U. The group, which calls its new technology ‘WiiKeU’, says that their code can be used to emulate a disc drive on the console, allowing games to be launched from a USB device. If true, it will mark the first time an eight-generation console has been opened for homebrew development as well as other more nefarious purposes like software piracy – the 3DS can accept flash carts, but only to run existing DS and GBA software.

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