What’s in Store for June 2013?

We take a look at what you can look forward to in the coming month.

N.B. All dates are those of North American releases, please note that other regions may have to wait just a little while longer (it’ll be worth it… we hope).

Marvel Heroes – June 4th (Windows, Mac)


The MMO from Gazillion Entertainment is just one of two games released this month which allows you to spend hours with your favourite Marvel characters. Marvel Heroes sees players trying to stop yet another of Dr. Doom’s evil plans before he ruins the world as we know it and the best part is, the game is completely free to play. There will be the option of micro-transactions to assist you, though no money needs to be spent in order to unlock the full game. Brilliant!

Remember Me – June 4th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360)


Futuristic action-adventure game Remember Me follows the story of Nilin who resides in Paris and turns on the government after having her memory wiped. After joining the rebels known as Errorists (we see what you did there), she sets out to track down her past memories and bring MEMORIZE – an evil corporation using the uploading of human memories to control the population. From what we understand, which is actually very little, this seems like a future possibility in the real world, so it’s worth getting this game in order to train yourself in how to fight back. We think.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – June 9th (3DS)


What Japanese gamers have been enjoying since last year is finally making its way across the rest of the globe this month and many of us can’t wait. Not only can you delve deeper into customisation of your character and their home (which is initially as a tent – can’t fit many wardrobes in there) – the new Animal Crossing allows the player to step up and take charge of the town as mayor. The whole town can be decorated to meet your personal taste, through extra taxes of course – and you can even pass a law or two. Perhaps now you’ll be able to force your favourite citizens to stay in town longer, if not forever. Something tells me this may be against international laws though…

Dark – June 11th (Xbox 360), June 14th (Windows)


Eric Bane has recently turned into a vampire who learns that he never fully completed his transformation and so must hunt down the correct blood source before his life is ruined forever. This game has a heavy focus on stealth and darkness (well he is a vampire) as you manoeuvre around, filling yourself up with the sweet, delicious liquid of life. Quite literally so. Although not much else is known about this game, it sounds fang-tastic. Ouch, bad jokes hurt.

Rugby Challenge 2 – June 13th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360)


Like many sports games released now, Rugby Challenge 2 boasts a great deal of realism and a large handful of game modes so that you’ll never get bored (at least until they announce Rugby Challenge 3). You’ll have the option to play as one of over 110 teams in locations all around the world and are able to change the rules of the game to suit your needs. Can we start doing this in real life? First one to kick the rugby ball into a stadium light automatically wins the game!

The Last of Us – June 14th (PS3)


One of the most anticipated games this year is finally edging closer to being released. Naughty Dog’s first attempt at survival horror sees Joel and Ellie journey across the United States in search of a resistance group known as the Fireflies – an attempt to escape the oppressive living conditions. Along the way, they have to fight off multiple humans, both infected and fellow survivors, who don’t appreciate new people trekking through their turf. Gameplay mechanics mean that this game isn’t all about blasting your way through crowds of people, but rather planning out your movements and tactically making your way forward.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – June 18th (PSVita)


Sure, the second adventure of our painting companion Mickey Mouse wasn’t very well received when it was released late last year for the main consoles, but this hasn’t stopped the developers. This month you’ll be able to take the adventure wherever you go, with the PlayStation Vita release and there has been apt time to iron out all the problems that were complained about before (let’s hope they listened). With lots of different features offered by the handheld, it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s all integrated – though there’s always the problem of it becoming one big gimmick.

Ashes Cricket 2013 – June 21st (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU)


Players will have a deep level of control in this new edition to the Ashes Cricket videogame series, not only will you be able to change the way your fielders act depending on who’s bowling, you’ll also be able to send any useless fielders who have a tendency to drop easy catches to the quieter area, where he can stand and think about what he’s done. You’ll also have to keep your eyes on the skies as the weather can change during your match, making the crowd dressed in shorts run away, drenched with rain (okay, perhaps it’s not that detailed yet). Not only can the forecast change, your pitch will start to show wear and tear after a while, which can have a huge effect on just where your ball will bounce off to. Now, if foam balls were used, we wouldn’t have this problem would we? They’d be less painful on your face too…

Game & Wario – June 23rd (WiiU)


The antagonist we all secretly love is finally coming back for more fun and games. Sure, Japan have been able to hang with Wario for two months already, but it’s finally our turn to join in. The new Game & Wario offers 16 minigames to get stuck into, with a nice number of those available for multiple players. There’s no need to worry about digging under the sofa trying to find extra controllers for your friends to play either, as every game requires just the GamePad, no matter how many people decide to join in. Phew!

Company of Heroes 2 – June 25th (Windows)


The first Company of Heroes was huge, so gamers have big expectations for the next instalment, which will still be set during World War II – this time looking at the Eastern Front. Not only is this a war against the other side, you’ll also have to face battles with nature, such as the blistering cold winter weather which can quickly kill off the majority of your troops, leaving you with tough decisions to make. Can’t we just talk it out rather than fight? Guys..?

Deadpool – June 25th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360)


If you like comics and violence, you’re sure to love this new game from High Moon Studios. You, playing as Deadpool have the task of assassinating a powerful media man, who’s channel takes entertainment just a bit too far, as well as joining other Marvel favourites along the way. The game promises to keep the humour rolling while focusing on deadly weapons and the use of such. One thing that really caught our eye was the idea that you can attach any limbs that you lose during fights or just tumble around while waiting for them to grow back. You are superhuman after all.

Muramasa Rebirth – June 25th (PSVita)


Yet another game that the Vita is finally receiving well after the original release date (try 4 years later), this is your true Japanese RPG style videogame. Although it’s just being porter over to the Vita, players will be able to download extra scenarios and have four brand new protagonists at your fingertips. Finally, a reason to get your Vita out of the box you bought it in.

Project X Zone – June 25th (3DS)


One of two tactical role-playing games this month, Project X Zone offers you something a bit different. And by “a bit different”, we mean all the characters you’ve loved for years coming from a range of companies such as Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega. After already receiving good scores in Japan, the west (or at least North America) will be able to be able to start battling later this month with over 200 characters appearing throughout the game. Just how many will you be able to recognise from your childhood?

Ride to Hell: Retribution – June 25th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360)


Originally set to be released 4 years ago, you can finally look forward to getting your hands on this intense action-adventure game once more. After returning from the war in Vietnam, you find yourself placed in the heart of the biker subculture of the 60s. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll aren’t the only things on your mind though and the player can expect to find themselves involved with numerous violent acts, while being haunted by the horrors of the past war.

Shadowrun Returns – June 26th (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS)


Created by indie developer Harebrained Schemes, this game has everything you’d expect to see in the best role-playing games. The story starts in 2054 after your friend gets murdered in Seattle. You’re set with the task of finding the killers and dealing with them in the best way possible (in RPG terms, this usually involves a bloody battle to the death). However, it’s not all that simple – you find that there’s not just one mystery to investigate here and it may lead to higher powers than you first thought. All this paired with dramatic turn-based combat (who doesn’t love turn-based games?), makes this a game worth checking out.

Sims 3: Island Paradise – June 28th (Windows, Mac)


This brand new expansion for Sims 3 allows you to take your sims on wild vacations where they can forget about the stress of everyday life. If you think this sounds all too similar to World Adventures then… you’re pretty much right, only in this pack, you can live on a boat! Does this sound like a cry of “please start giving us money again” from EA to anyone? Why not have Sims 3: Space Adventures rather than recycling pre-existing expansion packs? Alright, this is why I’m not a developer.

State of Decay – June 5th (Xbox Live Arcade)


Zombies seem to be growing in popularity every day, so why not feed your passion for the undead with State of Decay which sees players fighting to survive. We’re not talking the sort of survival seen in Dead Island or Left 4 Dead either, this promises to have much more realistic and serious gameplay. Not only do you have to worry about where the zombies are hiding, but also about where your food and water come from and where to send your small group of survivors next. As the game is in an open world, you are able to formulate your own plans and test each one – giving you the possibility of having a completely different run through each time. If you want to prepare yourself for the real thing, State of Decay seems to be the game to consult.


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