Nintendo Unveils Nintendo 2DS

It’s a sign of the times that as the west prepares to take unilateral military action against the will of its own people against a sovereign state, people are making a fuss over a box of lights that goes beep, but then I rarely understand humankind.


Anyway, Nintendo have taken an unprecedented and bizarre step in unveiling their newest handheld, the Nintendo 2DS, which is only new in a one-step-forward, two-steps-back kind of way. It doesn’t fold up like the regular system and doesn’t have a 3D slider (only displaying in 2D) or Circle Pad Pro, but crucially it’s $129.99, $40 cheaper than the standard model and intended for large families with young children sharing systems or those on lower incomes. We can’t fault Nintendo for wanting to broaden their appeal and it does seem as though some will be interested, but it’s certainly a very odd move and not one we suspect will be all that successful.

The system will play all existing DS and 3DS software, and will be released on October 12 in red and blue colours.

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