What’s in Store for September 2013

It’s almost September, summer is coming to a close and developers have a great line up waiting for an otherwise dull month. Just take a look if you don’t believe me.
N.B. All dates are those of North American releases, please note that other regions may have to wait just a little while longer, sorry about that!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – September 3rd (PSN)


After being released on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade at the end of August, this story of teamwork and adventure is swiftly making its way to your Sony devices. If you want to read a brief description of the game, check out last month’s round up here.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake – September 3rd (PSN), September 4th (Windows, XBLA)


Why not start the month off with a remake of childhood memories? And who better to bring back into your adult life than Mickey Mouse, on his mission to rescue Minnie from an evil witch residing in a castle. Wait, I’m sure we’ve heard this story before; I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Although the game is largely the same as before, there are some slight changes. Rather than being restricted to sideways movement, you can now move in multiple directions (well, when solving some puzzles) and Mickey is able to roam around the castle as he wishes. Isn’t that what you dreamt of doing when you were young?

Diablo III – September 3rd (PS3, Xbox 360)


No doubt you’ve heard of Diablo III, which has been out for over a year and sold extraordinarily well. Despite requiring you to stay online while you play, most seem to enjoy the game, so you’ll be excited to know that it will make the step from PC to console this month. Well, not if you’re a Nintendo fan, but you can hang out with Cooking Mama and hope that one day, you’ll also be able to sit in front of your TV and slash your way to victory.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – September 3rd (PS3, Xbox 360)


This version of Dead or Alive 5 promises to get rid of all the annoying bugs you came across the first time around, as well as providing the gamer with even more modes to show off your moves. As always, your main mission appears to be kick some ass and look cool while doing so. If you’re new to the series and not quite sure that this fighting game is for you (here’s a hint: they’re all pretty much the same), then you can always try the free edition from the PlayStation Network: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters.

Rayman Legends – September 3rd (Windows, PS3, WiiU, Xbox 360, Vita)


Rayman is back! The world is plunged into darkness once again and you’re set with the task of saving the day. As always then. Like the previous title, Rayman Origins, you can work alongside your friends and help each other to progress through numerous levels. Not only can you play as the characters from before, you’re also able to play as a new female called Barbara. Gosh Ubisoft, that’s what I always wanted!

Total War: Rome II – September 3rd (Windows)


Is it just me, or is everything coming out on the 3rd this month? Let’s hope you get paid that day, or you’ll have a hard choice to face. In this game, you’re thrown into battle and have to take charge of your soldiers in order to be victorious. The developers have mentioned that this instalment will try to be as accurate and realistic as possible, meaning that your soldiers will react to the battle with more emotion than before. Although to me, this sounds like my computer will be screaming and gagging as I try to create the best bloodbath possible, which sounds incredibly annoying. Then again, perhaps soldiers are a lot braver than me, who can deal with thousands of dead bodies lying around them.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 – September 3rd (PS3)


Now I’ll admit that I know nothing about One Piece, so a title that may mean something to fans sounds absolutely hilarious to me. There promise to be more enemies than the first game and the combat will feel a lot more satisfying. However, what may come as a disappointment to some is that the game will no longer follow a canon story, instead creating a brand new story; two years after the Straw Hats Pirates enter the New World. That sentence meant absolutely nothing to me. I hope it makes sense to fans of the universe. At least it sounds… exciting? Give me a break guys!

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – September 10th (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Frictional Games return with another horror story, set in the same universe as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with all new characters and story. You play as Oswald Mandus, a wealthy man who has frequent dreams about a strange machine, before one day waking up to an all too familiar sound. Developers have made subtle changes to this game, meaning that you won’t be able to guess your enemy’s behaviour and know when evil is lurking around the corner. You’ll also have the ability to step outside for a breath of fresh air. Or death. The latter seems more likely.

Killzone: Mercenary – September 10th (Vita)


Set just after the events of the original Killzone, you play as former UCA soldier Arran Danner who takes on contracts from the ISA and Helghast, which is a first for the series. Bear in mind that this game is for Vita though and likes to advertise the use of touch screen and rear touch pad, so if you’re a serious fan, don’t get your hopes up too high – no matter how cool the story sounds. More than likely you’ll be told to tap the rear pad in order to knock your enemies down, before swiping to keep them down.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix – September 10th (PS3)


If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan living outside of Japan or North America, then this collection is a must. For the first time, you’ll be able to play the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (seemingly a much better version of the Game Boy Advance game). To make the collection even more worthwhile, you can watch the events of 358/2 Days unravel in movie form, lasting almost three hours. Because who wants to play games when you can just watch them?

NHL 14 – September 10th (PS3, Xbox 360)


As much as I’d love to give you piles and piles of information about upcoming sports games, I often find myself at a loss for words. As the game’s cover and name heavily hints, you’ll be playing multiple games of ice hockey. So if you’re thinking of purchasing this game for hours of fighting, platforming or football, don’t. It’s hockey. On ice.

Puppeteer – September 10th (PS3)


In Puppeteer, you help a young boy called Kutaro look for his head. Don’t worry, he’s a puppet, this isn’t some sort of cute horror game. Apparently in this world, there are many heads lying around, which you can pick up and try on for size, each of which offer a new ability that help you find your real head. It’s simple really; imagine Little Big Planet with a headless child. Actually don’t, that could cause nightmares.

Young Justice: Legacy – September 10th (PS3, Xbox 360)


Set between season one and two of the TV series Young Justice, the game will see players saving the world – you know, the typical daily life for superheroes, both young and old. You will create your own team of heroes and fight alongside the Justice League members, who will aid you on your path. Expect typical superhero storylines and actions, though don’t be too disappointed if it’s not as awesome as your imagination – tie-ins to TV series’ don’t usually do too well.

Duck Tales: Remastered – September 11th (Xbox Live Arcade)


Xbox fans can finally enjoy a childhood favourite once again, despite being a month late to the party. A brief summary of Scrooge McDuck’s new (old?) adventure can be read here.

ARMA III – September 12th (Windows)


Prepare to be whisked into the future (the 2030s to be exact) and thrown into battle once more. You play as a British Special Forces soldier Captain Miller who finds himself alone after an operation gone wrong, rather than trying to escape while screaming for his mummy (just me then?), he moves bravely forward to do everyone proud. Or, if you’re like the majority of gamers I know, run into a group of enemies and try to see how far he gets before collapsing. Luckily, there’s a huge island to practise your kamikaze moves on. Like everyone’s dreams come true, isn’t it?

The King of Fighters XIII – September 13th (Windows)


Hurrah! Another fighting game! Only this one has been playable in Japanese arcades for three years now, so it’s not technically new. As with all fighting games, expect to spend days perfecting your skills, before allowing your girlfriend to play and watch in despair as she does so much better by pounding her fist on the keyboard. You know it’s true.

The Wonderful 101 – September 15th (WiiU)


Everyone loves a superhero story right? Well why not a story which involves collecting as many superheroes as possible and destroying the world. Did I say destroying? I definitely meant saving. Ahem. Not only do you have the starting heroes, but you can find citizens and recruit those too. Because we all know that random citizens make the best superheroes. Your group can then be morphed together, which gives you even better powers. What more could you ask for?

Grand Theft Auto V – September 17th (PS3, Xbox 360)


You’ve all seen gameplay or at least heard of the new addition to the Grand Theft Auto family, so I’m going to give an extremely watered down version. You play as three protagonists, who run around the city creating havoc, occasionally do a mission or two and take a well-earned break to play golf. Well, it sure beats bowling with you cousin. The only disappointing aspect of the game is that once again, PC gamers are told to get lost and try drawing pictures in the dirt or setting ants on fire instead.

MechWarrior Online – September 17th (Windows)


Described as a real-time, free-to-play online game, MechWarrior sees players doing typical MMO stuff – like taking down annoying 12 year olds who spend too much time with your mother, becoming ridiculously strong and looking for a new (virtual) sexual partner. As it’s free-to-play, this will all be done while you’re bombarded with messages asking you to buy a brand new Santa’s hat for your character. You know, because the Christmas spirit is strong enough to kill all the bad guys.

FIFA 14 – September 24th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Vita, 3DS, PSP)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – September 24th (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP)


Yes, I grouped these two together, despite fans now plotting to hunt me down and stick my head on a spike. You know why? Because to most people, these are just two football games being released on the same date and offering near enough the same experience. You kick a football around, score a goal and spend the rest of the game with your shirt over your head for no apparent reason. If you are a fan of either series, then you know perfectly well which one you’re planning to buy. For the rest of us, it’s just football. Do eeny meeny miney mo if you really want.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure – September 24th (Windows, WiiU, 3DS)


The game in which you can make any object appear in front of you (apart from rude ones. Don’t pretend like you never tried it!) is back and this time, it’s teamed up with some of your favourite superheroes. Is it superhero month or something? The developers boast that almost every DC character is included in the game, meaning there are about 2000 characters at your fingertips, no matter how obscure you get. That just sounds like a challenge to me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – September 24th (PSN)


Mainly based on the cartoon show, players will be able to take control of their favourite anthropomorphic turtle and go on a brand new adventure. However, if you want to take the more realistic route, your gameplay should consist of eating some lettuce and walk around looking like grumpy old men. Am I missing the point?

World of Warplanes – September 26th (Windows)


Hop into your aircraft and blast the hell out of enemy aircrafts. Although that’s not currently the game’s slogan, I think I’ve come up with a real contender. It’s set around the time of World War II and will allow for some spectacular looking air explosions. However, from a historical viewpoint, I really don’t think that was the reason most signed up to fly planes during the war. Luckily for you, the fights take place in the safety of your own home and will only occasionally result in real injuries.


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