What’s In Store for November 2013?

It’s that time again where we look to the month ahead in all its gaming glory!

N.B. All dates are those of North American releases; please note that other regions may have to wait just a little while longer, have patience!

Wii Fit U – 1st November (WiiU)


If you’re one of those people who don’t have time to go to the gym, hate the outdoors or just want to pretend that you’re as fit as the rest of the world despite lounging around on your sofa all day, Wii Fit U is the perfect game this month. It boasts more activities than its successful predecessor, such as the exciting Dessert Run. Because what you really need when you’re trying to lose weight are images of yummy, virtual cakes dancing across your screen. Or, you know, you could just sit there and waggle the Fit Meter around to fool the game into thinking that you’re running like you did before.

Call of Duty: Ghosts – 5th November (Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU), 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Like most other Call of Duty games, actually, we could just end the sentence there. Ghosts will follow the same idea as every other game in the series; you pick up a gun, shoot people and move on. But wait! This one is different – there’s destructible scenery in the multiplayer mode now! Now it’s totally worth your hard-earned cash. No, I’m sure fans are very excited and the game will do very well… again. There just really isn’t anything new to say any more.

Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – 8th November (WiiU, 3DS)


Your two favourite Olympians are back for more frosty, frozen fun! This new addition to the series will probably be less painful than my forced alliteration and is bound to be brought out at any future parties. Not only are all the previous sports included, but news ones have been added, such as figure skating pairs to give a that fresh feel. Here’s hoping the ice will be just as fresh! No, I’m sorry, that one was just inexcusably bad.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – 12th November (Windows, PSVita)


The DC fighting game is finally making its way onto these two platforms this month, allowing you to show off your skills in brand new ways. And by brand new, we just mean on two different screens, you’ll be pleased to know that the game hasn’t added or taken anything away. So fight away my fellow heroes!

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus – 12th November (PS3)


Ratchet and Clank are back for a brand new adventure. The story starts as evil twins Vendra and Neftin Prog break free from jail, leaving our duo to hunt them down (again). Expect the same humour and tricky platforming as previous games as you once more guide the protagonists towards saving the world. Anyone would think they’d get bored of it by now.

World of Warplanes – 12th November (Windows)


Now this may be a bout of déjà vu, but I’m fairly sure we talked about this in our September releases. We’re promised by the developers that it will definitely be released this month. Maybe. As mentioned before, this game is all about shooting your enemies clean out of the sky – all without the Acrophobia and general fear of death. Brace yourself as you’ll soon be piloting your way to victory. If you already know who wins WWII then please, no spoilers.

PlayStation 4 – 15th November


That’s right, the day is finally here! Sony will be releasing their brand new console along with promises of it being the best yet. All pre-orders have been taken (and some cancelled) and there will be queues for miles of exhausted, excited fanboys. I know I’ll be sat at home, avoiding social networks and snarling at my empty bank account. Oh the student life!

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 15th November (PS4), 19th November (Windows), 22nd November (Xbox One)


It’s time to dig out your history hats and assassination gloves again as you’ll be joining Edward Kenway through his life as a pirate. Of course, it’s not all just bottles of rum and treasure (though I’ll be disappointed if that’s not a large part of your game) as you’ll be given the task of taking down plenty of evil men too. Rated “arrrr” for “really bad jokes need to stop here”.

Battlefield 4 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Of course, nobody actually cares what the story of Battlefield games involves. They just want to get to the bit with the funny sticks that go bang, and use them to unlock further varieties of funny banging sticks. Tee hee. Seriously, expect a bog-standard first-person shooter with just enough entertainment value that Robin won’t immediately rip it to shreds.

Contrast – 15th November (Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)


For the first time this month, we step away from the top developers to experience a new indie puzzle-platforming title. Contrast follows Dawn who is able to switch between 3D and 2D as she goes about her detective day. You’ll have control over various light sources to help cast shadows across our protagonist’s path, so that she can effectively make her way through the gloomy levels. Let’s just hope no-one’s afraid of the dark.

DC Universe Online – 15th November (PS4)


Once again, you’ll be able to create your destiny with the help of your favourite DC hero (or villain) with this PS4 launch title. Originally released in 2011 for the PS3, people weren’t jumping up and down in their seats on the idea, so let’s hope seeing it in next gen glory will be enough to change everyone’s mind.

FIFA 14 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


As I mentioned before, there’s not really anything to say about this game. You kick a ball about, get it into a net and spend the next five minutes running around with your shirt over your head (is the game this realistic yet?). However, the game does have a brand new engine for both console releases, boasting more realism with both human movement and the environment – see, now you can run around with clothing where it shouldn’t be!

Just Dance 2014 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Here’s one for all you party lovers. Just Dance is being released alongside the two new consoles, meaning that no matter who you are, you can whip your dad dancing out in time for Christmas and have a reason for it. And before you say that you’ve always had one, too much eggnog just doesn’t cut it as an excuse anymore.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – 15th November (PS4)


It’s very interesting that Killzone still exists, given that nobody seems to actually like the games. You’d think they’d stop, but apparently not. Still, this looks relatively promising. This time it’s trying to pull a District 9 and cover the tensions in a large city between locals and an alien refugee population.

Knack – 15th November (PS4)


The story of Knack follows Knack (whoever would have guessed!), a creature with powers that let him absorb certain substances, making him into an even cooler creature. With these powers, there are high hopes that our protagonist can help in the on-going war. However, knowing the sort of gamers I do, Knack will end up killing everyone and taking over the world himself… in the most child friendly way possible of course.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes – 15th November (PS4)


Despite worried about a certain writer last month about this game’s release, critics and gamers alike loved the new edition to the Lego series. I mean, who wouldn’t love zipping around city as Spiderman or throwing the contents of an office building around as the Hulk? To top it all off, stories are narrated by Deadpool, although considering how many times Nolan North crops up these days, isn’t everything narrated by Deadpool?

Madden NFL 25 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Yet another sports game on which I have absolutely no comment. If you know what American football is, then you can have a pretty good guess at what this game will offer for you (and you’re one step ahead of me). No doubt the game claims to be better than the 2013 version, though really how much can you improve a depiction of a sport?

Minecraft – 15th November (PS4)


For those of you who haven’t been living under a rock, please scroll on. For the rest of you, it’s probably best to just give up now, but I’ll give you one last bit of help. Minecraft is a game in which the world is your oyster, you simply collect different types of blocks and build whatever you fancy building. Then scream in agony as a creeper blows it all up.

NBA 2K14 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Basketball. A videogame in which you dribble a ball and shoot it through a hoop while avoiding the opposing team. Nothing more needs to be said.

NBA Live 14 – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Another basketball game. Only this one is created by EA and not 2K, so it’ll be more… I don’t know, baskety? I’m sure there’s a war going on about the two games somewhere.

Need for Speed: Rivals – 15th November (PS4), 19th November (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360), 22nd November (Xbox One)


Expensive cars and high-speed chases are a sure-fire way to get testosterone pumping through your veins, so make sure you’re ready to embrace your tough man side this month with the twentieth Need for Speed game. As before, you’ll hop into one of many sexy looking vehicles and race through the streets, completing numerous challenges. Will you take on the role of badass cop or experienced boy racer? It’s a shame that there’s no option for “shocked passer-by” yet, they’re not even an NPC. Realism my arse.

Resogun – 15th November (PSN)


Now don’t get too excited about this being available on the whole PlayStation Network, it seems that Resogun is exclusive to the PS4 and PSVita – maybe this is a hint to join the next generation of gaming. Despite being released in 2013, this game takes a step back into the arcade age of side-scrolling shoot-em-ups; only this one fills your screen with bright lights and better graphics. Seriously, I’ve seen less colourful firework displays.

Skylanders: Swap Force – 15th November (PS4), 22nd November (Xbox One)

General_Skylanders SWAP Force_Magna Buckler-noscale

I don’t understand why this is a stand-alone game at all. Then again, I don’t really understand Skylanders itself – it’s like a game that requires expensive DLC to be played properly and that DLC clutters up your room. Anyway, in this “brand new” game you’re able to swap the top and bottom halves of your figures to create… well strange monstrosities really. But who am I to say what’s enjoyable and not? Swap away!

Warframe – 15th November (PS4)


If your wallet’s feeling a little empty around now then don’t fear as Warframe is a brand new, free to play, third person shooter. There are currently 10 different modes to sink your teeth into, thankfully all of which include shooting people in the face. What could be better?

War Thunder – 15th November (PS4)


Is it just me or are combat flight simulators really popular all of a sudden? Anyway, if you’re a fan, be sure to check out War Thunder, which not only lets you shoot down hundreds of other aircraft, but aircrafts from all over the world. Yep, this MMO means that you truly can re-enact World War 2, and make plenty of worldwide enemies as you do so.

X Rebirth – 15th November (Windows)


It’s a strange beast, the space trading sim, and few have been found in the wild in recent years. X Rebirth is one exception. The sixth and latest installment in the X franchise, players will fly around the infinite void, collecting resources, trading and upgrading equipment. Repeat until bored.

Young Justice: Legacy – 19th November (Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU, Wii, 3DS)


This game is a spin off from a TV show adaptation of the DC Universe with an emphasis on young superheroes. Apparently. Players selected three of twelve characters to play through one of 15 levels, and can switch between their chosen trio at will. Sounds rather unique as a mechanic – here’s hoping it works well.

Xbox One – 22nd November


The last of the next-gen consoles gets released today and despite getting off on the wrong foot, Microsoft seem to have plenty of fans excitedly crossing off the days on the calendar. Well the wait is finally over! Unless you’re queuing up for a midnight release that is, then the wait seems like an eternity.

Crimson Dragon – 22nd November (Xbox One)


A game in which you can care for your very own mythical beast – nurturing them until they grow big and strong enough to blast everything with hundreds of fireballs. At least that how I imagine the game to go, you probably have a better developed objective than that, but a girl can dream can’t she?

Dead Rising 3 – 22nd November (Xbox One)


Just when you thought all the undead had gone back to their graves to hibernate, they crop up again, ready to gnaw your face off. Like previous games, Dead Rising 3 sees players create weapons that were once a thing of dreams and then spill some zombie guts with them. Apparently there are missions to be completed too, but they’re probably not too important – I just want zombie blood!

Fighter Within – 22nd November (Xbox One)


Using the Kinect, players are able to swing their fists in thin air and beat up lots of virtual guys – you know, the typical fighting game. However, the website for this game promises that “brawling with your friends will never feel the same again” – possibly because you’ll never want to feel like such a prat ever again. Next time, just turn around to you friend and hit them right in the face, it’s much more fun.

Forza Motorsport 5 – 22nd November (Xbox One)


Watch some cars go vroom. Enjoy!

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