Terrarible Hype

When I applied to university, I didn’t realise that it would completely destroy my gaming life. Well, the important news is that I’m back, with a slightly controversial view.

For the first time in months, I found myself with a few hours to spare and decided to check out some of the games that I’d bought in Steam’s Autumn Sale. Luckily for me, both Phil and Robin were available to show me the ropes in Terraria (you have no idea how difficult it is to get the whole team to game together). I managed to stay active for two and a half hours, but for the last half hour I abandoned the game, leaving the lovingly-named BigTitTina standing in her bedroom while I concentrated solely on the Skype conversation. Needless to say, I’ll probably never load the game back up. I just don’t get the hype.

Now I understand that the focus of the game is to let your creativity run wild, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Our first task (as is most people’s) was to build shelter, which was great – chop down a couple of trees and you’re essentially done. Even the decorations were simple to make. We then all parted ways to start mining and I almost immediately lost interest. I spent the majority of our time with my finger on the left mouse button watching as Tina swung her pickaxe round and round, with only a few dirt and stone blocks to show for her efforts. Even when I came across a few gold blocks I didn’t feel any joy. Is this what fun is now?


Perhaps our problem was a lack of project – I had absolutely no idea what I was mining for, or what the other guys were doing. In that sense, there was a lack of communication and I assume that barely anyone goes into Terraria without a plan in mind – what they’re going to build, how they’re going to take over the world, one fluffy bunny at a time. Anyone would get bored without a real purpose right? Or maybe I just don’t understand the game yet, seeing as I’m just starting out. Either way, I’m sure the game itself is wonderful for many people and is a nice break from the linear gaming we’ve become accustomed to, but I’ll take a plotline over creativity any day. Or someone could make a game based on creativity with a story to keep you on track – that can’t be too hard, right developers?

The most enjoyable part of the evening was the first night in our world, when we were greeted with a blood moon. Even then I was locked in the basement while the big, strong men dealt with the hordes of zombies. Who said sexism didn’t exist in games?


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