The Walking Dead: Season 2 Predictions

After waiting patiently for months for the release of TellTale’s The Walking Dead Season 2, I finally got my grubby fingers all over… well the digital download, because no-one cares about discs anymore. The episode obviously ended on a cliffhanger, so rather than wait around for the rest of the season to be released in 2014, I thought I’d share my own predictions.

Note that this article will be full of spoilers. I highly recommend that you play the game first to avoid disappointment. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Who’s still alive?

In the preview for episode 2, we hear Clem exclaiming that she thought someone was dead, but who could it be? As much as I’d love to say Lee (*sob*), it’s definitely not him. In my opinion, it’s between two people. The obvious choice would be Christa; after all, we were separated from her and found the bandits responsible dead or dying at the end of the first episode, so no wonder Clementine believes her to be deceased. However, if TellTale really want to fuck with our minds, it could also be Kenny (I don’t think this is very likely), as the script was changed to make his death more ambiguous in season 1. It’s possible that he might still be alive. If he is, I’d be very interested to hear his story.

Linking to 400 Days

Okay, so we saw one very weak link at the very start of the episode with the gas station, but what about the characters we met? After 16 months of Clem and Christa travelling, I’d assume that they got a fair distance away from that area. The next episode is titled “A House Divided”, so my guess is that someone like Tavia (with the task of gathering community members) will show up, offering a safer life and the group will have its disagreements, with half wanting to go and the other half wanting to stay. Obviously the house won’t stay a safe sanctuary – they’ll either get forced out by the undead, or by the group that keeps getting mentioned (I’m betting on the latter), making them reconsider their position. I think that this evacuation will play out along the same lines as Season 1, Episode 2, though I hope I’m wrong – I don’t just want a repeat! Nick will survive though. He’s clearly the new Kenny. Or perhaps Clem’s new close companion.


Is it Woodbury?

I’ve seen a lot of speculation about Tavia’s community being Woodbury and I’m going to step right in a say I doubt it. If you’ve read the comic book (albeit, I haven’t read every issue), you’ll see more communities than just Woodbury and I believe that this one is just another group of people. I do believe it’ll be very similar to Woodbury though – with a leader who likes power a bit too much, because we’ve already seen Clem’s badass side, we can’t expect her to sit around in a nice warm house in a boarded off community for long. It’s just not her style.


I think we’ll learn more about Sarah as the episodes continue and may even get quite close to her. After all, she is the closest person to Clem’s age. However, I don’t think this part of the story will end particularly happily; just as we form an attachment to the young girl, I think she’ll be killed and I don’t think it’ll be a walker that’s responsible.

Where are they headed?

Christa and Clementine were headed towards Wellington before they became separated, but I don’t think they’ll ever arrive. I don’t really know what to think about this one, I think that if they don’t make it into Wellington, they’ll certainly get close. Or perhaps it’ll hold the final episode; much like Savannah did with the first season.

I can’t think of any more huge points of concern, but if you can let me know! I’d also be interested to hear about your take on things, whether you agree or disagree with me, if I’ve missed some huge pointers (which is likely). Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments!

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