Sony Restructuring effort continues; 2/3s of US stores set to close

Sony, as a result of a company-wide restructuring effort, has decided to cut two thirds of its Sony Retail Stores in the United States, leaving only 11 operational (including the Flagship store in New York) in the entire country.

These past few months have been a rather busy time for the electronics giant: The PS4 rocketed in popularity over the Wii U and Xbox One; its credit rating fell down the drain, even being reduced to ‘junk’ status; and CEO Kazuo Hirai decided to not only spinoff their television division in hopes of saving it, but decided to sell the Vaio personal computer division, ending its run in the consumer PC Market. The slashing of Sony Stores is just the next step in their effort to keep profits up.

“While these moves were extremely tough,” COO of Sony ELectronics, Mike Fasulo, said, “They were absolutely necessary to position us in the best possible place for future growth.”

Though in order to grow healthier leaves, it seems you need to cut off some of the dead branches: in the original statement Sony made about their restructuring efforts, 5000 jobs were going to be cut, and 1000 of these are going to be from the Sony Electronics Unit. These cuts will come through before March 2015, and will effectively lower the company’s workforce by one third.

For those of you interested in finding which stores were cut, you may do so by visiting Sony’s blog here.

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