David Cage Unveils Sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, Brian Blessed To Star


Quantic Dream, developers of interactive movie games including Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, have announced their next project will be a sequel to the latter game. “Project Doorway” as the game has been codenamed, will focus on Stan, the homeless man Jodie befriends midway through Beyond, and Zoey, Tuesday’s daughter who also possesses abilities similar to Jodie’s astral projection from the first game.

Homeless once more after the destruction of their home, Stan and Zoey must make money to live while investigating a series of murders of the underclass around the city. The guitar strumming minigame from Beyond has been expanded to work with the PS4 touchpad functioning as a fretboard, while somewhat controversially a motion-controlled prostitution level is included.

David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream said “It’s going to be a very exciting project. We’ve had real homeless people inside the motion capture room everyday. I mean, it’s a beautiful art form and what we are doing is giving the player a stripped down, and really emotional view of the homeless life. They love that they’re going to be famous, as well as the sandwiches and coffee we give them during recording. And of course, we’ve sent some of our researchers out on the streets for a week to see what it’s really like for themselves.”

The game is still far from completion, but rumours are already circulating. For example, that the special edition will come with a free blanket embroidered with the Project Doorway logo, or that Mr. Cage has secured the partnership of Brian Blessed to provide work for a role called ‘Soup Lord’.

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