15 Things You Didn’t Know About InFamous

With the recent release of InFamous: Second Son, we thought we’d search the whole series for interesting Easter eggs. The list isn’t extensive, so let us know about any more you’ve found!


1. Cole’s (almost always) loveable best friend Zeke has some great dialogue right? Well some of it was ad libbed and this helped the developers decide on how the story would pan out. I wonder what would have happened if he wasn’t jealous – though isn’t everyone?


2. Sucker Punch’s other major game series Sly Cooper makes a number of appearances in InFamous. Not only does Zeke enjoy drinking Panda King branded soda, but Cole’s backpack has the Sly Cooper logo on and there’s a trophy called “You’re so Sly”. Okay, we get it guys, Sly Cooper is great and we should all buy it!


3. But that’s not all! When Cole first practices his powers, Zeke is reading Atomic Lead – a comic book that Sucker Punch published. Perhaps Cole and Zeke are just big fanboys.



InFamous 2

4. Fancy a trip to the cinema? Of course you do! What you may not have noticed is that all of the movies available to see are a play on videogame titles. So take a look at our complete list below and tell us which you’d be most excited to see.

  • Call of Booty – Call of Duty
  • Solid Serpent – Metal Gear Solid
  • Uncharted Love – Uncharted
  • Hey Low Reach – Halo: Reach (this one is my personal favourite)
  • Assassin’s Need (Love Too!) – Assassin’s Creed
  • No Need for Speed – Need for Speed
  • Epic Hickey – Epic Mickey
  • Little Big Unit – Little Big Planet
  • Latch it and Skank – Ratchet and Clank
  • Sly! – Sly Cooper


5. One of the posters around the city which is advertising for Sin Central boasts “Over 9000 clubs”, making reference to the tired meme that originated from Dragonball Z. It’s still nice to see it in such a famous (or should I say infamous hah- no that one was awful) game.


6. Once you’ve finished gagging over my bad puns, take a walk downtown (in New Marais, not real life) and you should spot a shop called Red Ring Electronics. This is clearly referencing the red ring of death that many Xbox users have experienced. I wouldn’t go shopping there, would you?



InFamous: Festival of Blood

7. Kirby the Bugz is holding a concert! Just be wary about the date, which according to posters is Friday 21st December – you know when the world ended and we all got transported to this alternate universe (in 2012 if anyone forgot). What? Prove me wrong. Anyway, it’s still a nice little easter egg.



InFamous: Second Son

8. There’s a sign in the city for a “Cooper and MacGrath” company and their neon logo is none other than Sly Cooper. Well it’s neon until I’m through with it, then it’s dark and depressing. The sign is a reference to the first two InFamous games and the Sly Cooper games – just in case you’re not familiar with Sucker Punch games.


9. Seattle also has a new electronics store called Cole McG’s, yet another reference to the previous protagonist and his electric powers.


10. Once Delsin has finished shopping at Cole McG’s, he can pop over to the ‘in-PHO-mous’ noodle store, clearly referencing the series title.


11. Eugene Sims owns a sword much like the Master Sword seen in the Legend of Zelda series and keeps it next to his laptop in his room. Nintendo fanboys in a PlayStation games? Don’t trust him!


12. The crane in the Lantern District has “Frasier” printed on its side. This is probably a reference to Frasier Crane from the sitcom Frasier, which was also based in Seattle. Quite a clever easter egg, I didn’t get it at first… though that may be due to the fact that I’ve never watched an episode of Frasier, not because it was well hidden.


13. If you hand around watching TV long enough, sometimes an advert will play that is selling “another social networking site. That’s all we offer. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s all we have to offer. Delusionbook.” Hey that sounds familiar! It sounds like, well, every social network site, though the name of this is a play on Facebook. Honestly, they all kind of fade into one for me. Like a Twitface Plus. I’m sure you can come up with a better name though.


14. The reviewers on the advert for Heavens Hellfire are parodies of existing game reviewers, such as Brotaku being in the place of Kotaku and so on. Where’s our parody? Sucker Punch, you’re slacking!


15. You can unlock a vest for Delsin with a skull and crossbones named X-Bone, which may be a reference to the internet’s name for the Xbox One.


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