Xbox One finally has Direct Youtube Sharing in Newest Update

Potential Let’s Players, rejoice: Xbox One, thanks to a recent update, will allow users to directly upload their game footage to their Youtube channel.

Prior to this update, users had to upload their footage to SkyDrive from which they would transfer it to PC, and then upload it onto their Youtube channel manually. Now, it’s as simple as accessing the Youtube app, going to “My Uploads”, and uploading the footage straight from the console’s hard drive.

Users can also add media achievements, pin youtube videos to the Xbox One Dashboard, and even subscribe to Youtube channels using OneGuide.

For those who want to upload clips to other social media, though, the process is still the same as it was.

In the same update, Microsoft also released the GoPro app, which allows Xbox Live Gold subscribers to access custom video content from other users from around the world, in categories ranging from adventure to sports.

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