Pokémon White House Intruder Wanted To Talk About Healthcare

Last week in Washington, a man was arrested after breaking into the grounds of the White House while wearing a Pikachu hat and carrying a Pikachu plush toy. He was swiftly arrested, and the White House placed under temporary lockdown.

It has emerged that the intruder in question was Jeffrey Grossman, 26, from Rensselaer, New York. Grossman suffers from mental disabilities and had been on medication earlier this year. After attempting to enrol himself in out-of-state mental health treatment plans only to find his insurance would not cover them, he was told (it can only be assumed in jest) to “take it up with the President”. Taking this advice literally, Grossman travelled to Washington D.C. where he scaled a fence and was arrested.

Grossman’s mother, Cathy, told the Troy Record:

“I was informed that, when he was apprehended, he told security that he had come to talk with the president about his health care program,

“We have to address our mental health system. It has programs for people under 18 and for our seniors but there is nothing for young adults who can function if they have medication, like my son,

“I want people to know there are mental health issues out there. I’m hoping for the best. And I hope that maybe now he will get some long-term help.”

For mental health advice, check out the brilliant gamers’ mental health charity Take This.

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