YouTuber Beats Fallout: New Vegas Without Healing

If anyone was going to do it, it would be this guy. YouTuber Many a True Nerd – real name Jon – is well known for his self-imposed Fallout challenges, but his latest accomplishment goes well beyond anything that came before.

Fallout New Vegas: You Only Live Once ran for 45 episodes, culminating in the climactic ending of DLC expansion Lonesome Road, during which Jon – or his character, Please Don’t Shoot (P.D. Shoot for short) fought off a horde of some of the game’s toughest enemies – and had to choose whether to fire nuclear weapons at his enemies in Caesar’s Legion (or the New California Republic). But he did it without dying, healing or removing radiation once.

“It’s probably not possible” he said when beginning the run. But against the odds, he seems to have managed it.

During the run, which began last September, Jon refused to use any healing items or to heal radiation. Because Fallout: New Vegas applies a very slow level of natural healing to players – imperceptible in normal play – and because at some points sleeping (which restores health) is unavoidable, he kept a “true health counter” on screen when damage was taken, with the promise that if it dropped to zero, he would kill his character by leaping off the roller coaster in Primm.

The run made heavy use of sniping and critical hits to prevent enemies fighting back, while using Speech and other skill checks to avoid combat entirely. But that didn’t mean there weren’t intense moments of combat or danger, like sneaking past an artillery barrage to talk to the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base, or fighting a mob of dangerous subterranean monsters on a slow cargo lift in Lonesome Road. Remarkably, though, he didn’t use any glitches or exploits outside the mechanics the game hands its players.

Jon has long played Fallout games on his channel, which also hosts other series like FTL and Hitman. He previously completed “Kill Everything” runs in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and a no-kill run in the latter game. “I felt that ultimately, the complete removal of healing from the game, having every single bullet that hits me be a permanent mark against me, I felt like that was the way to do it” he said, explaining his decision to take on this run of a game he knows inside out.

After this Herculean feat, it doesn’t seem like there’s much left he could do with New Vegas that would still seem like a challenge – but then again, he’s surprised us before.

Have you taken on any crazy self-imposed challenges in Fallout? How about in other games? Brag about it in the comments below!

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