Bethesda Promotes Fallout Shelter With Fake Tinder Profile

We’ve all been there before – spending an afternoon mindlessly swiping through profiles on Tinder when you come across some blonde-haired conspiracy theorist inviting you to join him in his underground bunker to wait out the inevitable nuclear apocalypse.

That’s what happened to Jason Mol, who sent a screenshot to Kotaku of a profile for Vault Boy, the mascot of the Fallout series. In a strange twist of events, the profile turns out to have actually been made by developer Bethesda to promote their mobile game Fallout Shelter. They’re even promoting it on Twitter using the hashtage #DateADweller, which only sounds wrong in about a dozen different ways.

A closer look at Vault Boy’s profile reveals him to be 25 years of age, and tells us that he likes “Nuka Cola, putting out fires, taking coffee breaks and exploring the blasted wasteland.” There’s even a suitably cheesy pick-up line at the bottom: “If love was radiation, I’d need a box of RadAways.”

Originally released for iOS in June of this year with an Android version following on August 13, Fallout Shelter allows players to create their own Vault-Tec vault; controlling dwellers to keep them happy and defending the vault from threats in the wasteland. The game reportedly made $5 million in its first two weeks of sales, so it’s unclear of exactly why Bethesda decided on this particular gimmick to promote it. Maybe they’re hoping to start a trend of popular game characters joining the dating app. We’d certainly consider swiping right for Kratos or Samus Aran.

Fallout 4, the fifth major instalment in the series, will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 10 November.

Source: MCV

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