Fig: The New Crowdfunding Service for Games

A new crowdfunding website named Fig has been established by a group of established game developers, including Tim Schafer, president of Double Fine Productions.

The website, set up in recent weeks, allows people to pledge money to support the development of new games.

The site aims to “provide a creative platform for studios to bring their ideas to the people who matter the most – their fans.”

The platform is intended for game development, more specifically than services like Kickstarter or Patreon, because it allows widespread use of videos and screenshots.


It allows backers to earn pledge rewards, as well as more traditional investments which reward investors with a percentage of the completed game’s revenue.

Currently, investors must be worth $1 million, but the team hopes to open this up to the public in time.

As part of its appeal to gamers, Fig allows users to see supported platforms, languages and current development stage.

Tim Schafer, who sits on the advisory board, had his own game, Broken Age (then known as Double Fine Adventure), supported by 87,142 Kickstarter backers to the amount of $3.3 million in 2012.

The campaign was responsible for establishing Kickstarter as a platform for indie videogame development.

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