Bethesda to Release Fallout Collector’s Edition Monopoly

Releasing this fall, the popular post-apocalyptic game franchise will be arriving as a Monopoly board game.

Many were puzzled when they spotted a Fallout-themed Monopoly board at the GameStop Expo a couple of days ago. We are all aware that videogame Monopoly boards are not a new concept, but very few would imagine Bethesda’s Fallout series getting in on the action. The board game was confirmed by the Fallout Twitter account later, and the USAopoly Instagram account commented that they have slated the Fallout Collector’s Edition Monopoly board game release for November 2015.

It is fairly clear that the board game won’t add any more gameplay to the standard Monopoly game, but the idea of seeing familiar locations and factions represented on the board is of course exciting for fans of the franchise. Pricing of the new product has not been disclosed, and it will only be available in GameStop stores (non-USA collectors may have to look for an import).

Interestingly, the Fallout board is more limited to purchase than other videogame boards (The Legend of Zelda, for example) by being confined to GameStop stores. Some gamers will definitely be put off by this, but nevertheless, GameStop can expect to grab a few more sales with its exclusivity. This also leaves gamers to wonder how long the game will be around – whether it will be an established tie-in, or a short-lived promotional item for Fallout 4.

Source: Kotaku

Are you excited for the Fallout Collector’s Edition Monopoly board game? Do you think this is a bad decision for Bethesda? Let us know!

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