Rocket League Represents the Best of Competitive Gaming

Rocket League quickly became a huge hit – If you’re asking yourself why, you probably haven’t tried it yet. Its success is mainly due to three points: it’s fast and funny, it’s based upon an original concept, and it offers a very competitive, yet accessible experience to both new and experienced players.

RL created a new kind of sport (besides its own predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars) . It’s not just driving and playing football: it’s something new and unique that comes from the combination thereof. You just need to play a single match to realize it and, just like in real life with any type of game, you immediately realize that you’re both having fun and improving your skill, and that you’ll need to train a lot in order to become a first-class player.

Everything is in its place: games are fast and balance is perfect. You unlock many new parts for your vehicle while playing, but it’s just aesthetics. The only skills you’ll ever
need are those easy to learn, hard to master acrobatics you’ll learn right in the tutorials. You feel an exciting shiver every time you kick (read: drive into) the 0ball, right from the first day. At the same time, you begin to understand that 100% of what a football player can do is, well, just touch that ball with their feet (or head but you get the point).

How they do it, and how well, is what really matters, and training is the one and only thing you can do to get better. No shortcuts, no gimmicks: just time, commitment, and fun (because only when having fun, you can really learn and improve in any field)

Like in real life sports, improvement is guaranteed by three factors. Day after day, that giant bouncing ball will be easier and easier to control, as your skills in jumping and driving get better. Those incredible scores you might have seen on Youtube? Well, rest assured: some will be downgraded to “beautiful” or even “simple” after only a few days. Others, of course, will require weeks to master, but my point here is different: you don’t need a shop, nor experience points, because there are no special abilities to unlock and there don’t need to be.

Everything is there from the first moment, you just have to master it. To me, RL has potential. A huge one. It may become a new kind of FIFA, an esport in fact, and this is why such a funny game in appearance and concept is treated so seriously. Not only does it require training and dedication, it may also evolve into a full-fledged system with tournaments and prizes, both in-game or in organized events, like the recent one on Major League Gaming. As of now we can just play, and wait for the developers to show what they have in store: the line between a new e-sport and a lost opportunity is very, very thin.

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