Castle Crashers Returns for Xbox One Re-Release

Long time Xbox Live Arcade players and PSN players are no stranger to The Behemoth’s fan-favorite platform action game Castle Crashers, and now they have even more reason to rejoice.

Former knights and dames now have the chance to play a remastered version of their favorite medieval action game. The Behemoth has announced that they are re-releasing Castle Crashers for the Xbox One. The remaster will include 60FPS gameplay, quicker online search times, new characters, game modes, and even more animal orbs.

The developers also announced that owners of the Original Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360 will be able to acquire this new remastered version free of charge if you download the game with an active Xbox Live Gold account with the original CC game in your purchase history before September 20. After September 20 a discounted price of  only $5.00 (US) will be charged – first time players will have to pay the full $14.00 (US). Also Xbox 360 gamers will be able to transfer their old game data from the original to the new game. No announcement has yet been made for a PS4 release.

This is a great opportunity to relive one of the last generation’s greatest arcade hits.

Source: The Behemoth

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