Steam Users Create ‘Scam Report’ Group to Protect Gamers

Steam users are beginning to police the digital distribution platform themselves, warning players of untrustworthy game developers.

A user has utilised the Curator system to create the “Scam Report” list, which is used to write warnings against games whose developers are believed to be guilty of mistreating customers.

The group aim to record “Early Access titles from devs with a history of abandoning unfinished games, games that don’t have the features they claim, or from devs with a history of misconduct.”

The curator currently has 26 games listed for its 800 followers and invites other Steam users to report on games to add to the list, as long as they provide evidence.

Early Access has been a site of discussion for a while, with many people buying games that get abandoned partway through development.

This June, Valve announced a new refund policy in order to combat this problem, where users can claim a refund on a game bought through the platform within 14 days, as long as they have been played for less than two hours.

Although the curators aim to help customers to spend their money wisely, there have been concerns over falsely accusing trustworthy developers if they are too slow to update their games.

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