18 Year Old Breaks Super Smash Bros. Champion’s 53 Tournament Streak

18 year old player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada has defeated the long-running Wii U Super Smash Bros. champion Gonzalo “Zer0” Barrios at the MLG Finals Super Smash Bros. tournament. Zer0 had previously gone 53 straight contests without losing.

Nairo had played as comparatively unpopular character Dr. Mario for the majority of the tournament, but reserved his usual main character, Zero Suit Samus, for taking on the champion. Using a combination of throws and Up+B combos, he was able to defeat Zer0 after nine games in two sets: 3-2, 3-1.

“I was confident in this set,” Nairo said in an MLG post match interview. “He won all the other sets. I was consistent in landing more grabs I guess. I’m just speechless.”

On Twitter, Zer0 said:

The MLG Finals took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, over the weekend, with players competing for over $500,000 in prizes. Nairo picked up $4,000 for his victory, as well as the first place trophy and – not least – a good deal of street cred in the pro gaming community.

Zer0 had previously announced a break from pro gaming, but reversed his decision in early October, saying: “Time to go all in. Gonna be the greatest or a buster. Lets do this.”

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