Nintendo PlayStation Switched On At Convention

After a quarter of a century’s hiatus, the system that has become somewhat of a legend in the industry been publicly powered on by its owner.

Once upon a time, Nintendo teamed up with Sony to create a CD-ROM based drive accessory for the Super NES, dubbed the “Nintendo PlayStation”. With the rising popularity of CD’s, it seemed like a logical step for the manufacturer. But in 1991, Nintendo dissolved negotiations with Sony and the project was abandoned.

So what exactly happened to the infamous drive? We all thought they were discarded years ago. We were right, for the most part. This year, images surfaced of one of the prototypes for the Nintendo PlayStation from Daniel and Terry Diebold. They claimed that they owned the only Nintendo PlayStation known to exist. For months, the father and son have been at the centre of scepticism from collectors and historians alike, but now we have more evidence to prove that Daniel and Terry were correct.

The console was taken to the Retro.HK Expo, where the Diebolds powered on the system for the first time. Previously, the necessary power cable had not been acquired by Dan or Terry, so it was a spectacle even for them. Surely enough, the console worked as specified, and was compatible with SNES software.

Daniel Diebold and his father have decided to keep the console, despite offers upwards of £29,900 ($45,000). Even if we never see the console again, it now seems in little doubt that this unsuccessful product is factual. Now it’s up to you to imagine the parallel universe in which the Nintendo PlayStation 4 is the leading eighth-generation console in 2015.

Do you think that Nintendo made a mistake by cancelling the PlayStation project? Are you one of the hundreds of collectors itching to get your hands on this treasure? Are you still not convinced? Let us know in the comments below!

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