10-12 Million Nintendo NX Sales Predicted by 2016

Market research company DigiTimes has made some early predictions for Nintendo’s new console, the NX. Despite the lack of official information about the system, the research claims that with production beginning in the first quarter of next year, Nintendo can expect to see 10-12 million units shipped by the end of 2016.

DigiTimes puts sales estimates for the Xbox One and PS4 at 13 million and 18 million respectively, arguing that for Nintendo to remain competitive in the market they need to be hitting 10 million sales.

The report also contained information on manufacturers and suppliers for the NX. DigiTimes said: “In addition to Foxconn, suppliers such as Foxconn Technology, Macronix, Pixart Imaging, Coxon Precise Industrial, Nishoku Technology, Delta Technology, Lingsen Precision Industries and Jentech will also supply components for the device.”

10 million sales may sound like a tall order when the Wii U has only managed 11 million in its three years on sale. But DigiTimes believes the high installed base of Nintendo systems, and the draw of a new console may boost launch sales.

Are you looking forward to the NX? What features do you hope it has? Let us know in the comments below!

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