Psychonauts 2 Now Open For Crowdfunding on Fig

Double Fine Productions are no strangers to the world of crowdfunding. Their tireless attempts to get “Double Fine Adventure” (which later became Broken Age) off the ground led not only to well over $3 million in funding, but launched the Kickstarter gaming boom that put rockets on the indie development scene in the last three years.

Now they’ve struck again. We’ve reported in recent weeks on Fig, the new crowdfunding and investment service formed by former Double Fine employees. It’s now hosting a new project – Psychonauts 2.

For those of you not familiar with Psychonauts, it was a colourful and wacky platformer released for PS2, PC and Xbox in 2005. It follows Raz, a kid with psychic powers doing battle with various supernatural baddies.

The new game aims to raise almost as much as Double Fine Adventure did – $3.3m – and after just one day of the Fig campaign going public, has gathered $800,000. The campaign closes on January 8th, but the game isn’t expected until 2018. Speaking to Polygon, series creator Tim Schafer said: “I have a backlog of design ideas that we are now fleshing out with artists, and taking a look at the mechanics and what things we want to bring back and what things we want to add to it. So it’s in that early stage of development.”

Source: Fig

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